HYPOCRITES: Trump Releases Montage of Dems Claiming Elections Were Stolen [SEE THE VIDEO]

Former President Donald Trump speaks at a rally, Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022, in Conroe, Texas. (Jason Fochtman/Houston Chronicle via AP)

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With the January 6th Committee, Democrats, and even some Republicans continuing to attack former President Donald Trump for insisting that the 2020 election was stolen from him, Trump released a video montage of Democrats questioning the validity of previous elections.

Numerous prominent Democrats feature in the mashup, including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and numerous others.

The montage was played at a rally in Arizona Trump spoke at in support of gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake. While at the rally, Trump said that the “witch hunts” against him would stop if he did one simple thing: announce that he’s not running for president.

“It’s just a horrible thing that’s going on in our country,” he said. “It’s sick, and the fake news media is totally complicit. These are very dishonest people.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)




  1. Amazing clip!

    Anyone wonder why this clip hasnt been publicized more? Can anyone find it anywhere besides YWN? Why? Possibly because Democrats dont want to prove how Democrats have been yelling “FAKE NEWS” way before Trump!

  2. The big differences?
    1) Trump never received a popular vote in either of these elections
    2) All of these people eventually gave up and got over it
    3) The current allegations from Trump are conjecture, and it’s 100% true that the Florida votes were miscounted, it’s a question if you can undo an election because of that. The Supreme Court definitely handed the election to Bush (thank goodness).

    Some of those Democrats are hypocrites (Kamala is the worst), but they didn’t live with it as long as Trump has lived with it. If Trump wants to win? Just drop it and move on to the next part of the game.

  3. As a New Yorker, I insist that most elections I voted in were stolen since my candidate usually didn’t get the job and I don’t know anybody who voted for the other guy.

  4. Nice clip. For someone who doesn’t know him, the clip almost seems to portray Tucker Carlson as a leftist political hack. Couldn’t be farther from the truth.
    Anyways, as I said, for those of us who can’t afford another democrat in the Oval Office, we need to look for someone who will focus on the issues. Trump is not up to the task this time around.

  5. @aymdock The security camera footage from State Farm Arena in Fulton County Georgia is NOT conjecture. You see four boxes of ballots being stored underneath a table (whereas all the other ballots were stored in plain site). Then, they call off voting for the night and when everyone else leaves, they pull out those ballots and put them through the voting machines multiple times.

    In a country that actually believes in fair and transparent elections, you would have a full public and open investigation. Instead, you had my dog ate my homework type arguments:

    * It was just a mistake, the poll workers mistakenly thought they were done for the night.
    * The ballots were packed away in “plain view” in front of the observers.

    Keeping observers 50 feet away from the ballots and packing them on the floor, behind a table with non-see through table cloth draped to the floor blocking the view is hardly called “plain view”.

    And what kind of mistake is it to tell everyone to go home and then resume counting when everyone is gone and put through the machine multiple times. Since when do you stop counting ballots on election night? As far as I know, this is the first election that this was done — and it “coincidently” was done in a number of states were Trump was way ahead before they stopped counting the ballots.

    And let’s not forget the various people who testified and signed sworn affidavits in those very same states that they saw ballots being run through the machine multiple times, absentee ballots that showed no sign of ever having been mailed in and other seemingly fraudulent activity.

    Or how about the two postal worker whistle blowers who talked about transporting ballots across state lines and (if memory serves) processing absentee ballots after the election [I guess, though, we only believe whistle blowers if they are Democratic whistle blowers].

    And how about the security camera footage that seems to show people stuffing the drop-off boxes.

    All of this screams out for an open, honest and thorough investigation. But that is not what happened. The entire thing was just swept under the carpet. The courts refused to hear the cases, the various police and intelligence agencies refused to open up investigations and the media (unsurprisingly) failed to look seriously into it.

  6. @Reb Eliezer — care to provide that context and explain how Trump is being misleading. It is time for people to back up their accusations with EVIDENCE and SOUND REASONING. As such, if you can show me that there is a relevant context, I will agree with you. Until then, I have no reason to take you seriously and am suspicious that you are just trying to avoid the obvious hypocrisy.

    Now, let me note – I know NOTHING about Florida and Gore/Bush. I did NOT follow the story at the time. Perhaps the Dems were right and Gore really won Florida. If so, I would support there claim. Of course, that does NOT mean that they are not a) being hypocrites now and b) that Trump did not really win the last election.

  7. For all those who think the difference between Trump and the dems is that Trump doesn’t let go but the Dems do, ask Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams if their elections were stolen.

  8. There are many ways to determine if there was election fraud. One is to compare the possible target of the fraud (Trump) with how other Republican candidates did. If someone was stealing the election, Trump would have done roughly as well as the other Republicans (since ballot box stuffers never split their tickets. If fact Trump consistently ran well behind other Republicans, suggesting that the mainstream Republicans (conservative, frugal, leaning towards the neocons, and somewhat elitist) votes for Republicans but not for Trump. Trumped “dissed” a large wing of his own party, and it cost him the election. The Democrats didn’t need to steal anything, Trump kicked the ball into his own goal.

  9. @akuperma A better way to determine if there was election fraud is to actually look at the evidence that there was election fraud (the video tapes, the eye witness testimony, the whistle blowers, statistical analysis, the Arizona audit, etc).

    If the evidence indicates that there was fraud, then one should go with the evidence even if your indirect method suggests otherwise (which, btw, if debatable).

    On the other hand, if the evidence does not show that there was fraud, then one again should go with the evidence (or lack therefore), even if your indirect method would indicate that there was fraud.