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Why Did The Israeli Bus Driver Cross The Road?

The story of the bus driver who crossed the road that is circulating in Israel has restored some people’s faith in the kindness of bus drivers.

The protagonist of the story is Moshe Biton, a bus driver for the 65 Egged bus line, which travels from Pisat Ze’ev to Givat Shaul in Jerusalem.

A Facebook user, Ravit Shalom, wrote the moving story on Facebook: “This morning, on bus 65, an elderly blind woman got on the bus and tearfully told the driver that the day before she waited a very long time for someone to help her cross the street and no one paid any attention to her.”

What did Biton do? When he reached the woman’s bus stop, he stopped the bus and patiently escorted the woman across the street.

Ravit Shalom Facebook

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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