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HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Lee Zeldin Wins Support of 4 Major Hasidic Voting Blocs

New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin secured the endorsements of four major chasidish voting blocs in Boro Park on Monday, with Belz, Bobov, Bobov-45, and Satmar (Williamsburg) all throwing their support behind the surging Republican.

Zeldin has courted Orthodox Jewish and Chasidic communities throughout his campaign, pledging to support yeshivas as governor and to bring down rising crime rates in New York City and elsewhere.

“We met Lee Zeldin when he came to visit Camp Shalva last summer,” Bobov community leader Joel  Rosenfeld told Hamodia. “We met him again this week, and his message then when he was way down in the polls was identical to his message now that his poll numbers are surging: he will fight for our yeshivas with the same vigor that he will tackle the crime issues that plague the state.

“As our very existence in New York is threatened by the state’s attempt to control our yeshiva curriculum, we are grateful to Zeldin for standing in support of our educational and religious liberties, and therefore enthusiastically endorse him for governor. And we urge everyone go out and vote,” he added.

Incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul made her own overtures to Jewish New Yorkers, releasing a statement pledging to “do everything in my power to protect you from evil and hate and will continue to fight for your right to practice your religion and teach your children with your religious education.”

“I recognize that education is an important value in the Jewish community and I want to assure everyone that Jewish schools will always be treated with fairness and respect,” the letter, signed by Hochul, added.

Despite her pleas, the 4 chasidic voting blocs chose to go with Zeldin, who has been far more forceful in his support for yeshivas.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

19 Responses

  1. That poster you’ve posted at the bottom is very troubling. Why would anyone vote and give support to CPA Letitia James?! Vote for Michael Henry instead. Why would anyone vote for the WHITE Chuck Schumer?! Vote for Joe Pinion for US Senate!

  2. Shame on mr zwiebel & agudah for not having endorsed Lee Zeldin, instead of wasting צדקה money on futile litigation against department of education.

    Unlike agudah, my motto is למען תינוקות של בית רבן לא אשקוט

  3. wow you can smell Hochuls desperation. Vote against Schumer and James as they both undemocratically tried to get rid of Trump.

  4. Before accusing Aguda and Rabbi Zweibel understand Agudah is a Non Profit Religious Organization they cannot legally endorse any candidate
    Go Lee Go

  5. First of all Agudah cannot endorse anyone.

    The reason everyone is endorsing James and Schumer, is because they are going to win regardless, let them at least see that we support them.

  6. To all these so called politicians in Boro park etc. I’ve voted Republican down the line, and no I will not kiss up to your democratic politicians like Letisha James. She’s despicable and disgusting who uses the justice system to go after her opponents.

  7. Attention: Not getting involved and the rest of the crew: Might as well support Schumer because he’ll win anyway. with James it’s a different story, I cannot understand why any community would support this useless political hack.

  8. I dont believe in supporting winners. It gives them no reason to please us. They know we’ll just go with the flow – hence we are a worthless block. If we vote against them, their numbers will tighten & they’ll suddenly need us.

  9. I will vote Reublican down the line. Dump Schumer and James. Schumer has done everything in his power to destroy this country. James has used all her power to get Trump

  10. Eliezer,

    Hochul is indeed very sincere, in her disdain for hard-working law abiding citizens, her love of criminals and her visceral hatred of Orthodox Jews. None of which are reasons to vote for her.

    Maybe stick to the cute divrei Torah.

  11. Reb Eliezer you’re in a very quiet minority this cycle. The democrats have been a disaster from Washington to the state and local levels. She isn’t sincere. She was a placeholder for Cuomo and is a socialist who will destroy the state further.

    I ALSO FUNDAMENTALLY believe in the need for proper education………
    That’s another way of saying , I will attack yeshivas.
    Read between the lines!!

  13. A vote for ANY Democrat is a vote for crime, higher taxes etc.. YOU will be held responsible for the grama binazaken YOU cause!!
    Patur bdinay adam vCHAYAV bdinay shamayim

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