Tonight – Chai Lifeline Lakewood Annual Reception


chai1.jpg1.jpgThe Lakewood Kehila is gearing up for tonight’s massive display of chizuk for Chai Lifeline Lakewood at Bais Faiga Hall. The reception will start at 9:00 pm and the program will begin at 10:00 pm sharp. The reception is an opportunity for members of the Kehila to show Hakaros Hatov to the mosad renowned for the depth, breadth and quality of its services for children and young parents that are stricken with serious life-threatening illnesses r”l and their families.

When a family member is diagnosed with a life-threatening or lifelong illness, Chai Lifeline becomes their advocate.  They are a shoulder to lean on, a person to talk to, a trained volunteer who cheers children with a visit and gives parents a few hours of respite, a professional to help with medical referrals, insurance support services, financial assistance, and so much more.
Chai Lifeline’s programs are available free of charge to all families, which makes volunteers’ involvement so much more important.  For this reason, the reception co-chairmen, noted Lakewood askanim  R’ Menashe Frankel, R’ Yitzchok Kamenetsky and R’ Mordechai Schron ask the entire Kehila, “K’ish Echad B’lev Echad” to show support and appreciation by attending the reception on Tuesday evening, July 29, Tamuz 26 at Bais Faiga Hall and contributing generously.

This year’s guest speaker will be Harav Avrohom Schorr, Mara D’asra of K’hal Tiferes Yaakov in Brooklyn, NY. Additionally, this year’s event is dedicated L’ilui Nishmas Mrs. Malkie Kaweblum ע”ה, wife of our yedid neeman, Dr. Chaim Kaweblum נ”י.

Everybody who attends and contributes to this worthy cause is, in the words of the Rosh HaYeshiva, HaRav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, “helping a mosad that lives up to its name: breathing life and fresh air into a life-threatening situation.”  For more information, please contact Rabbi Arye Adest at 732.719.1717


  1. Everyone who knows Rabbi Sruli Fried and Rabbi Arye Adest knows that they are people who work for the klal 25/8. They help familes cope in the most unfortunate situations. When we are getting ready for Shabbos, Rabbi Fried is most likely driving back from CHOP after counseling them about their child/spouse/sibling who took ill recently. When we are hanging out on a Sunday afternoon bein hasedarim it is Rabbi Adest who is raising money for Chai Lifeline. It is our imperative to come out and support this worthy organization tonight.

  2. idealist:

    lets be ideal….there is no such thing as 25/8….its 24/7. we dont know who may be reading this and we dont want to teach people to lie. yes, even for a joke or for anything

  3. I would like to thank Chailifeline for an amazing evening of chizuk. The speeches were amazing and very uplifting. I am personally a recipient and benefit of the services that Chailifeline offers and I can only tell you that everything they do is with utmost professionalism. My daughter has gone to camp simcha special for the second year and it has changed her life. She has made lifelong friends and a day does not go by that CSS is not mentioned in our home. The counselors and staff have become very attached to her and they are involved in her life, taking her to simchos (chasunas, vorts etc.). The devoted doctors and nurses care for the children as if they were their own in a most professional manner. The children come back from camp feeling like they also can be like any other healthy child.
    I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank my daughters counselor. She has become very attached to you and she smiles when she hears your name. May you be zocheh to a lot of simcha in your life and you should be zocheh to find your zivug bekarov.
    Another aspect of this organization is they bring together families in similar situations through weekends geared specifically for this. It is an unbelievable help for us to be able to meet other people in the same tzoroh and we learn from each other how to deal with issues whether they are social, medical or legal issues. You put together an amazing shabbos for parents to rejuvenate and for the children to enjoy.
    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of the lakewood chapter. R’ Sruly Hatzadik, I bentch you that you should do your avodas hakodesh in happy situations. You are amazing. To Ari, I wish you that your work should go easy and you should have much nachas from your family. Mutty, you are the best. You should have nachas from your new yingele and from all your other children. To the other staff of lakewood, you are so “ibergegeben”, may each one of you be zoche to many brochos and whatever your needs are, Hashem should fulfill.
    Now to the man who hides behind all the glory, Rabbi Scholar, may you be zoche that all your dreams for the organization be fulfilled easily.

  4. Having commented before, I neglected to mention that all this requires lots of money. Checks can be sent to Chailifeline 106 Clifton Ave.Lakewood NJ 08701. May hashem bentch anyone who donates, with a Brocho that they should never ever require the services of Chailifeline.