MORE HATE IN THE UK: Rebbetzin In Her 70s Brutally Knocked To The Ground In Stamford Hill

Photo: Shomrim of Stamford Hill

A well-known Rebbetzin in Stamford Hill was knocked to the ground by an unknown perpetrator in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London last Friday morning.

The Rebbetzin, in her 70s, was at a shopping market near the Chareidi neighborhood when a man suddenly struck her forcefully on her back, sending her sprawling to the ground, and immediately fled the scene

The Rebbetzin, the wife of a well-known Rav, was evacuated to the hospital by Hatzalah of Stamford Hill with a possibly broken hip and will have to undergo surgery.

The Rebbetzin told B’Chadrei Chareidim from her hospital bed: “He gave me such a strong blow on my back, I fell to the floor. People there helped me to get up. I’m suffering from terrible pain. I can’t walk and I can barely sit up.”

“I’ll probably have to undergo surgery, maybe even more than one,” the Rebbetzin, said adding that she’s been suffering from nightmares since the incident occurred.

Stamford Hill has been suffering from a spate of anti-Semitic incidents in recent months. Last week, a Chareidi boy was grabbed by the throat and thrown off a bus and last month, a frum man walking with his wife and baby was violently attacked while walking, among several other incidents.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Yes, it is. But, the Alta Fixsler story wasn’t essentially anti-semitic as several non-jewish children were murdered in a similar fashion or worse. Sadly that’s the attitude of some in the medical and juristic profession who believe they can decide for whom it is in his/her interest to live or not.

    But the London attacks are very worrying, and that’s without the NYT.