EPIC FOOTAGE: Dr. Fauci And D.C. Mayor Get Mouthful Trying To Convince Man to Get Covid Vaccine


The much-maligned Dr. Anthony Fauci and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser were caught on video attempting to convince a D.C. resident to get the Covid-19 vaccine, and it didn’t go well.

The pair of big government officials coaxed, cajoled, and tried to convince the man that the jabs were for his own good, but he just wasn’t buying it.

His arguments against taking the vaccine seemed in ways to stump Fauci and Bowser, which is interesting, considering that they have had more than two years now to get an answer to such basic questions.

The resident also implied he believes there’s an ulterior motive to the massive campaign to getting everyone jabbed, noting that officials literally paid people to get the vaccines.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I think it’s actually called getting “an earful” not ” a mouthful”. I love how they blame Republicans, as if that black guy and that neighborhood votes Republican 🤣

  2. “The only reason I’m talking to you right now is cuz I’ve been vaccinated” LOL Mayor Bowser is lucky she’s able to talk at after taking the clot shot given the number of strokes people have gotten from the clot shot.

  3. This dude merited a visit by the Shakran-in-Chief who “is the Science” himself and the mayor who moved on to “continue to purculalate this virus” since according to Pfizer their jab does nothing to stop transmission.
    Shameless drug-pushing liars – all of them. The boyz in the hood peddleing crack, fentanyl & heroin are small potatoes campared to this pharma cartel.

  4. Schmendrick, what is so intelligent about this guy? He’s just mouthing off all the talking points that the right wing conspiracy theory nutjobs have been saying for the last 2 years. I would think Fauci knows more than him about how vaccines are produced. Jew Yorker, how many people do you know who had strokes after taking the vaccine? Do you perhaps know of anyone who didn’t get the vaccine and died of Covid? There were quite a few of them!

  5. She lied.

    She said that the virus persists because people aren’t vaccinating, and that he would protect people by doing so.
    Neither is true.
    Vaccinated people still catch and spread the virus. It stops no spread.

    He [Fauci] lied.

    He said twenty years of science went into the vaccine.
    Except mRNA vaccines are totally novel and were never approved before covid. None of the actually much much longer than 20 years of regular vaccine science applies.

    One has to wonder where he even came up with 20yrs from, when standard vaccine science extends decades upon decades beyond then.

  6. This virus was unknown 20 years ago, so how could they have been working on a vaccine for it 20 years ago. (Unless they were experimenting with this virus in a lab 20 years ago and then released it to the world in 2019, who knows? ) You can’t trust the government to tell you the truth

  7. “The pair of big government officials coaxed, cajoled, and tried to convince …”
    Exaggeration at best.

    “His arguments against taking the vaccine seemed in ways to stump Fauci and Bowser, ”
    Completely false.

  8. Can you imagine!!
    Not so long ago, people who were dying because they had taken the first or second dose/s in Israel, were being listed here on YWN as dying due to unvaccinated (3rd shot), where in fact it was not due to not taking the third, rather because they DID take the first two (if you’re not convinced at least its a safek as much as the opposite side).
    And here we are today, and YWN has actually published an article that seems to lean to a different perspective!!!!
    Where have we come to?!?!

  9. benToiroh and Basmelech1: (shidduch?)

    What Fauci was referring to is that they’ve been looking at mRNA technology for 20 years, not the actual COVID vaccine.

  10. Reb Leiby Wasser,

    Great question but one that will never be answered bec big pharma doesn’t conduct post Vax studies on vaccines inflicted injuries. A normal thinking person would ask themselves why that is. (U dont need a gemara kop to see the conflict of interest with billions of dollars at stake.) A rube like yourself doesnt think critically and just posts an ignorant comment on ywn like u did.