Learning from the past, forging a new future for Dekal

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The creators of Dekal Pesach counter covers journeyed from a new company to taking the frum world by storm in a matter of weeks. This year, they reconvene to introduce a whole new product with the highest Kashrus standard while reflecting on the past. Full Story

For the founders of Dekal, last year’s Pesach was a whirlwind. Starting from the ground up, Dekal introduced a new product to the Pesach scene and inspired many to beautify their kitchens while streamlining their Pesach prep with the highest Kashrus standard. It was a simple solution to an age-old frustration. Working with a reputable factory in China, Dekal worked and reworked the formula to fit the needs of the Frum world over Pesach. Customers were excited to try out this new product that was both functional and beautiful!

But sometimes, Hashem has other plans. When complaints started rolling in post-Pesach, the founders were quick to respond. They issued a full refund for those having trouble with Dekal’s cleanup, laying out their personal money to make up for the loss. 

But the question remained: what caused the poor quality of a batch of Dekal covers? The answer was revealed as a rush job by the Chinese factory to meet the high demand in a very short period of time. The founders, armed with their answers, were determined to rectify their mistakes and develop a new product to meet this need in the Frum community without any issues.

Throughout the year, the Dekal brothers traveled around the world to find trustworthy partners to develop a new counter cover. They landed on a prominent factory in Europe that specializes in the category and had years of experience with similar products. Together, they formulated a whole new counter cover that was rigorously researched, refined, and tested to be easy to apply and even easier to remove, guaranteeing to leave no residue behind. 

Dekal is now proud to introduce their NEW and IMPROVED kitchen counter covers! 

Key upgrades include:

  1. ALL-NEW product and material

  2. Proven residue-free formula

  3. 2x thicker, non-rip material 

  4. 26.5” Wide – fits all counters

Though last year’s Dekal disappointed some, this year is guaranteed to be Nice. And Easy!