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Graham Warns: Trump Indictment Will “Blow Up Our Country”

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, one of Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters, has a stern warning for prosecutors about to indict Trump: “It’s going to blow up our country.”

“You’ve had the prosecutor before Bragg, [Cyrus] Vance [Jr.], look at the case and pass on it. You had the U.S. attorney in New York say ‘I’m not going to do it federally,’” Graham said on Fox & Friends, suggesting that the whole situation is a nothingburger.

According to Graham, Bragg is facing political pressure to bring charges against Trump because of criticism directed at Bragg’s predecessor by former prosecutor Mark Pomerantz, who was in charge of an earlier investigation into Trump conducted by the district attorney’s office.

“There was an intervening cause other than Trump running,” Graham said. “One of the guys in the DA’s office wrote a book very critical of Vance. ‘You should have prosecuted Trump, you let him off.’ And Bragg feels that pressure.”

“The guy is yielding to the political pressure generated by the former prosecutor. This is a case without merit, in my view. Donald Trump will be the only person in the history of New York prosecuted under this theory,”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. It’s Ironic that in US
    the puppets (Politicians) and pupet masters (Soros and extreme left) are bringing in another internal fighting and perhaps US civil war and in Israel the same Pupet Masters are called anarchist and doing the same.
    Both carry flag (made in China).
    Both shout Democracy and tyranny.
    Both are getting money to leave their jobs and demonstrate for days.

    Who are the instigators ?
    What’s their mission ?

    I could only think of two things.
    Money and Power for Pupet Masters
    Slave mantality and submission of individual humanities for those who do the wishes of their masters.

  2. And where was Lindsay on the morning of January 6th telling Trump to cool the rhetoric and later in the day when his mob was breaking in to the Capital and engaging in battle.
    A decade ago, Graham (along with Lieberman and McCain) were the core of a respected, rational and responsible Republican party. Today, Graham has become the most obscene example of someone who simply wants to cling to power and to do so, has his head up Trump’s behind and has become his apologist in chief.

  3. Reiven: This growing trend to mindlessly attribute all opposition to Trump or Netanyahu as Soros-funded left wing radicals will blow up on you and your chevrah. Anti-semites have now invoked Soros as a trope for ALL yidden and really don’t distinguish between “good” and “bad” jews. All of us are now “Soros” acolytes in the world of Q-anon, Christian nationals, white supremacists. etc.

  4. @Gadol
    Joe Lieberman, our former Senator from CT , and a personal friend since 1971, was Never a Republican.
    He was elected as a Democrat and after losing a Democratic primary as an Independent who caucused with the Democratic Senators.
    In 2000 he ran for Vice President on the Democratic ticket.

    Please don’t publish alternate facts like a Trumpster

  5. Is Graham making a prediction or calling for action? I am sure he understands the ambiguity of his statement. I no longer trust Graham.

  6. Soros does fund almost all opposition not just to Trump and Netanyahu but to America and Israel. He funded the Ferguson riots that set off the BLM movement. And through his son Alex y”sh he funds the most vicious opposition to Israel, including the “If Not Now” freaks who say kaddish for Hamas terrorists.

    And it is not true that there is any significant element of antisemitism in the opposition to him. There are far more antisemites on his payroll than in his opposition.

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