5 Best TextNow Alternatives For Texting & International Calling


International calling has become easier and more affordable than ever. While it used to be expensive to text and call someone abroad and you had to experience unreliable connections, data plans and mobile apps like TextNow have changed everything. In some cases, they made international texting and calling free.

TextNow is a popular virtual number mobile app that allows you to send/receive text messages and gives access to voicemail, call forwarding and free calls across US and Canada.

However, the app has its loopholes. For example, it shows various pop-up ads and expires your number when your account remains dormant.

That’s why it is a good idea to know possible replacements for TextNow that are better for your business.

Read on to learn more about the best 5 TextNow alternatives!

High-Quality International Calls Options

Whether you have to stay in touch with your family abroad or leave for higher education, make sure to avoid the sneaky ways your phone company will charge.

Direct calling from regular mobile data or landline can be expensive due to high roaming rates and rules. But calling apps (special calling plans on mobile or computer) can be a way out as they provide easy and affordable access to international calls, text messages, and much more.

With international calling apps, long-distance phone calls no longer evoke images of costly bills; instead, they promote happy memories.

Benefits Of International Calling Apps

Thanks to smartphones and the internet, communication has become a lot easier and cheaper. No matter which calling app you use to connect with your loved ones abroad, here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy:

●  Easy-To-Use: The apps come with a simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface, making calling and texting increasingly easy on computers, smartphones, or other mobile devices

●  Save Money: Unlike traditional calls that cost you an arm and a leg, calling apps are    either free of cost or charge a minute amount, helping you save big

●  Flexibility: They provide multiple options to connect with family or friends, such as    similar calling apps, cell phones, or landlines

Now that you know the benefits of using international calling apps, let’s discuss the five best TextNow alternatives.

BOSS Revolution

Looking for the best site like TextNow?

BOSS Revolution is it!

Whether you want to set up business meetings, reconnect with long-lost friends, or call family abroad, BOSS Revolution got your back with its convenient and affordable dialing services.

The app is increasingly helpful for international texts and calls and can easily be accessed on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. You can freely send messages and call app-to-app using WiFi.

Additionally, BOSS Revolution lets you send money transfers and mobile top-ups to your family and friends in a few clicks so you can stay connected with your loved ones regardless of the place.

Also, it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface and contact management system, allowing people to make favorite lists of their most-called international phone numbers.

Here are a few things that make the app stand out:

●  Send messages        

●  Make low-cost international calls to more than 200 countries

●  Make group calls

●  Send money transfers and mobile top-ups instantly           

●  Browse trending music and news


●  Free or low-cost, affordable rates

●  App-to-app free calling

●  Facilitates money transfers  

●  Allows you to call on both mobile and landline numbers

●  Automated top up

●  Quality calls


●  Doesn’t offer SMS services

●  Limitation on cash transfer   

Google Voice

If you’re looking for a “voice over internet protocol (VoIP)” phone number for business or personal reasons, Google Voice can be your best bet when it comes to apps like TextNow.

You can use it for free and make international texts and calls. While you can make domestic calls free of cost, international calling requires a top-up.

In addition to receiving and making calls, you can check call history, screen calls, block calls, send/receive messages, check voicemail, forward calls, and more. Also, it doesn’t contain any advertisements.


●  Provides free numbers and calls to both landline and mobile        

●  User-friendly interface

●  Voicemail transcription

●  Text and call internationally


●  Free calls available only between Canada and US

●  It doesn’t provide free        calling to landlines    

●  Slightly more expensive than        other VoIP providers


Rebtel is a perfect TextNow alternative to make affordable international calls. The app enables you to call people in over 50 countries, including mobile and landline numbers.

It helps you make calls through your local number, so you don’t have to rely on cellular data or internet connections or even worry about calls dropping.

Rebtel offers low-cost, pay-as-you-go rates that can help you save money if you have to make one or two phone calls. Also, you can get a $5 calling credit for referrals who signup and make payments.


●  Low international rates

●  User-friendly design

●  No WiFi required       

●  Easy setup and signup process

●  Automated top-ups


●  Requires connection to log in

●  Doesn’t support texting/messaging or image sharing


Another similar site like TextNow, is TextMe. The service allows you to text and call any number to your heart’s content with no catch and hidden cost.

The app is an all-in-one service for people who want a new (second) phone number and can easily be accessed on Apple Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.

Although it’s best for the US and Canada, you can use its services in over 40 countries. It works on almost all devices, from tablets and smartphones to work and home computers.

Moreover, the app comes with many exciting features, such as sending voice and video messages and transferring Dropbox pictures and videos through texts.


●  Free international calls and texts, including Canada and US

●  Send video, voice, and picture messages to friends and family

●  Dropbox integration


●  Doesn’t support emergency calls

●  Only provides free texting/SMS to US and Canada region


Hushed is one of the best services like TextNow that can help you make private texts and calls for any occasion.

The app gives you easy access to a second (private) number that doesn’t interfere with your current phone number. Unlike most calling and texting apps, it enables you to choose over 300 area codes in Canada, UK, and US.

Moreover, it can be increasingly valuable when traveling, answering classified ads, and online dating. For example, you can communicate and post your ads using your temporary hushed phone number and delete it afterward.


●  Works in more than 40 countries, including the US, Canada, and UK

●  Slack and Dropbox integration

●  Offers international messaging and calling option

●  Create several virtual numbers


●  Packages are slightly costly

●  Average support

Wrapping Up

No matter what you need or value, there’s a range of TextNow alternatives to make low-cost, quality calls and texts worldwide. While some apps charge a small fee, others provide free services so you can connect with people abroad effortlessly.

Although all TextNow alternatives we mentioned offer free or affordable international calling and texting, we recommend BOSS Revolution for its diverse features, including quality international calls and texts.