STAGGERING: Covid Killed 1.1 Million Americans, 80K New Yorkers, CDC Says

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File)

Despite the official end of the coronavirus pandemic, its devastating impact continues to reverberate, having claimed the lives of over 80,000 New Yorkers and a staggering 1.13 million Americans nationwide.

Recent data from the CDC reveals that among the COVID-19 casaulties are 80,485 individuals in New York state, with approximately half of them residing in New York City.

From March 2020 until recently, when a federal law approved by Congress and President Biden terminated the emergency status, the virus claimed the lives of 1,127,928 Americans, the CDC said.

Elected officials and public health experts are strongly urging the population, particularly the elderly and immunocompromised individuals, to prioritize COVID vaccinations and stay up to date with immunization efforts.

Governor Kathy Hochul, in her most recent COVID update, emphasized the importance of remaining vigilant against COVID-19 and utilizing all available tools to ensure the safety and well-being of oneself, loved ones, and communities, even though the federal public health emergency has concluded.

“Stay up to date on vaccine doses and be sure to test before gatherings or travel. If you test positive, talk to your doctor about potential treatment options,” Hochul said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. 1 out of 300 is actually not “staggering”. To put the figure in context, one needs to compare it to total deaths in previous years. Normal is for roughly 1 in 100 to die. One should remember that humans have finite lifespans.

    Also ask how many who were counted as dying of Covid19 had no other possible cause (e.g. cancer, gunshot, heart disease, etc.) since there is reason to suspect that many who died “of Covid”, actually died of something else while testing positive for Covid (and note that it appears that only about 10% of people who tested positive for Covid actually became seriously ill, suggesting that a high percentage of those reported as dying of Covid in fact died of something else while having non-symptomatic Covid).

    Also note the source of the statistics cited are people who have staked their careers on the massive shutdowns having been necessary.

  2. C19 was never actually isolated as a virus, except by computerized modeling (the CRISPR system) where it was based on 60% of the common cold and the remainder of unknown components extrapolated. In this way, big pharma and oppressive governments could attempt to scare and bully the population to medicate themselves with ineffective and dangerous concocted injections and other profit-making ‘solutions’. The falae ‘PCR’ test was similarly admitted to never have been approved for diagnosis, and is a way to politicize false positive (and false negative) results.

    What has been shown as objective-based research and findings, is that ‘c19’ is essentially radiation poisoning due to 5g rollouts and continued exposures to wireless radiation, and also unprecedented pesticide use in our food supply (especially glyphosate -the generic term for Bayer/Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’).

  3. Elected officials and public health experts are strongly urging the population, particularly the elderly and immunocompromised individuals, to prioritize COVID vaccinations and stay up to date with immunization efforts. Whilst this is so correct & for the most part Corona was a disease of the non-vaccinated, I took my 5 jabs not because of the Elected Officials nor because of the public health experts, but simply because of the Pesak of the venerated Godol haDor Moreinu HoRav Chaim Kanievsky ZTKLLH’H

  4. Many of them died from neglect and not directly from the China virus. Btw, anyone in government not will to do an honest investigation into where this virus came from, has no right to claim they care about this terrible loss of life.

  5. No reason to to believe these exact figures from a serial lying agency. Many of those deaths were with covid not because of covid which was also tested at inflated PCR cycles.

    Whatever the exact figure is, the government agencies at all three levels bear the sole responsibility by suppressing early treatments in 2020-21 and spreading a false sense of security with an ultra low efficacy vaccine. This should be a text book cautionary tale of what not to do for the next viral pandemic.

  6. If everyone does as Queen Hochul says and continues to take the clot shot, far more than 1.1 million people will die at the hands of Pfizer if that hasn’t already occurred. For those wondering why CDC doesn’t put out a number on # of experimental vaccine deaths, it’s because 70% of their funding comes from Big Pharma. Can’t bite the hand that feeds you so keep taking your clot shot, sheeple!

  7. This figure is preposterous, and includes hundreds of thousands who died “with Covid,” not from Covid, as the primary causation. Yes I am an MD, and internist serving the Yale community, and how this one disease was documented was outrageous and unprecednted, and continues to be politicized.

  8. How many died due to covid and how many died with covid? If they wouldn’t give out this information, then these numbers are useless.

  9. What is staggering is the lies, MURDER is more like it and the countries of origin and it people shameful___all for power, may those who had a hand in this be severely punished

  10. Is there anyone in the world who is still doing a Covid “test before gatherings or travel” in the summer of 2023? Does Hochul live in an alternate universe?

  11. I notice some fuzzy math coming from some of these comments, but the fact remains that in many first world countries that actually track these things (which likely does not include yours), excess deaths are still very high, and still very much a mystery. This level of statistics does not typically have variances at random. Something is wrong.