NO THANKS: Pro-Trump Conservative Bizarrely Declares That The US “Needs A Dictator”

FILE - Former President Donald Trump speaks at his Mar-a-Lago estate Tuesday, April 4, 2023, in Palm Beach, Fla., after being arraigned earlier in the day in New York City. Donald Trump's town hall forum on CNN on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, is the first major TV event of the 2024 presidential campaign, and a big test for the chosen moderator, Kaitlan Collins. The former White House correspondent and now-morning show host must juggle questions from an audience of Republican primary voters, her own follow-ups and the need to fact-check false statements. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

A ardent and influential Trump supporter has raised eyebrows after declaring on Twitter that the United States “needs a dictator.”

“Let me tell you all an uncomfortable truth: This country needs a dictator,” Jesse Kelly, a Trump-aligned conservative influencer tweeted. “As the great John Adams said, a free country only works for a ‘moral people.’ We are not worthy of freedom. A dictator is coming.”

Another Twitter user commented, “Weimar problems eventually lead to Weimar solutions,” a reference to Germany’s Weimar Republic, which is considered a precursor to Adolf Hitler.

“There it is,” Kelly responded.

“Getting a Hitler to own the libs,” conservative Noah Blum said about Kelly’s bizarre tweet.

Kelly, a twice-failed Congressional candidate, has previously said that Republicans will elect a fascist because of how Hunter Biden is being treated by law enforcement officials.

“I have said this before and I’m telling you I’m worried that I’m right,” Kelly said in 2021. “The right is going to pick a fascist within 10 to 20 years.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Shame on Yeshiva world. You have so much free time to be scouring the internet for anyone who might say something remotely offbeat regarding Trump? No one has ever heard of this guy.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with him. The country is polarizing into extremes, inevitably headed for disaster. You can’t reason with todays libs, shut them up and create gulags, restore order. Then we can have an uprising in the future to get our freedom back

  3. The Jewish people had appointed a King. According to the Torah. Is a King called a dictator?

    No, but close (a dictator rules but isn’t elected)

  4. “No one has ever heard of this guy….

    Buenos Dias Jose: You obviously have your internet filters set to “avoid reality”. Jesse Kelly is a rising star among far-right, MAGA- conservative political podcasters (The Jesse Kelly Show”, “I’m Right with Jesse Kelly” etc.) and talking heads on right wing cable networks. He has run twice in Republican primaries to represent Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District and has been involved in more recent efforts to overturn the Arizona elections (2020 for Trump and 2022 for Kari Lake). Perhaps take a break from your fixation on MSNBC and turn the dial to the right.

  5. And the Yeshiva World needs to report the payments they receive from Soros to publish all the negative Trump stories.

    YWN is just as bad as the Jerusalem Post at this point.

  6. Truth hurts!
    Even in the time of Shoftim, their “Democracy” was replaced by Monarchy because Yiden lost their Total trust in Hashem as their true KING! They wanted a human king to lead them instead. Shmuel hanovi’s mussar is there for all to read.

  7. to the yidden who criticized yeshiva world, yall are republicans before you are jews, its a shame we have jews like that. Dump the goyishe politics. Trump has shown he is opposite of Torah values.

  8. “And the Yeshiva World needs to report the payments they receive from Soros to publish all the negative Trump stories”….”and yet again YWN posts something negative about Trump!”…

    Perhaps one of the funniest and most bizarre developments over the past few months are the multiple comments posted in response to any article about Trump’s latest tsoros (excuse the pun) including the insinuation that the YWN management is funded by Soros along with Alvin Bragg and the other radicial, left-wing radicals. Given the reality of a meshugah former President found guilty of having committed a sexual assault, indicted for business fraud and tax evasion, the subject of several other federal and state criminal investigations, etc., its hard to imagine how even the most neutral publisher could find a “positive” twist to the daily proliferation of news about Trump. It would be even more difficult to find a positive story here about Biden.
    To those unhappy with YWN stories reflecting reality, grow up and get real.

  9. Every Trump supporter who baselessly lies about stolen elections, ballot stuffing, Dominion voting machines, blah blah blah is essentially saying the exact same thing.

  10. A lot of WOKEs on the left think the same thing. This is NOT a case of “great minds thinking alike” and should be worrying to us, since in Germany both the left and the right felt that a dictator was not such a bad thing (even though they disagreed as to who the dictator should be)