Kid Who Tracked Elon Musk’s Jets Is Now Tracking Ron DeSantis’s


The 20-year-old who made national headlines over a spat he got into with Elon Musk over a bot he created to automatically track the movements of the ultra-billionaire’s private jet is now tracking the jet used by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

A Twitter account, @DesantisJet, is tracking the movement of the soon-to-be presidential candidate, with the account run by college student Jack Sweeney.

The Musk-tracking Twitter account was banned by Musk himself, who also threatened legal action against Sweeney and said he’d ban any account that provides live-time information about someone’s whereabouts.

The DeSantis account tracks a specific Florida state-owned jet, but not others that DeSantis may have traveled on – or could travel on in the future. However, the account states that “if we become aware of those flights, it will also be shared here.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m certain all Florida taxpayers feel privileged to subsidize Ron’s political aspirations. A small price to pay for the opportunity of putting this right-wing shvuntz in the oval office.