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WATCH: NYPD Complaint Filed Against MK Rothman as He Grabs Megaphone from NYC Protester

Anti-government protesters in New York have filed a harassment complaint against Religious Zionism MK Simcha Rothman after he forcefully took a megaphone from one of the demonstrators during his visit to the city. Rothman, a prominent figure in the government’s judicial overhaul, is among several Israeli lawmakers in New York for the annual Celebrate Israel Parade. The lawmakers have been the target of anti-overhaul protesters, with Rothman receiving particular attention as the chair of the Constitution Law and Justice Committee.

Late on Friday, a video circulated online showing Rothman becoming agitated as protesters walked behind him, chanting through a megaphone as he made his way back to his hotel. In the footage, Rothman can be seen abruptly turning around and grabbing the megaphone from a woman before leaving the scene. Additional videos captured further scuffles between the protesters and Rothman’s security team as they tried to retrieve the megaphone, resulting in at least two people being pushed to the ground.

The woman from whom the megaphone was taken later filed a police complaint against Rothman for harassment. However, it remains unclear whether Rothman, as a Knesset lawmaker, enjoys diplomatic immunity in New York. Protest organizer Shany Granot emphasized that in Manhattan, democracy exists, allowing them to express their opinions freely without fear of interference.

The protesters in New York have been staging weekly rallies in Washington Square Park, targeting government ministers and US supporters of the judicial overhaul. They have developed a well-coordinated network to track the Israeli lawmakers’ activities in the city and disrupt their visits.

As the Israeli lawmakers prepare to participate in the Celebrate Israel Parade, the group UnXeptable has called on the parade organizers to rescind the invitations extended to the coalition lawmakers. The exact number of Israeli lawmakers attending the parade remains uncertain, with reports suggesting varying figures. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has advised Likud members not to attend due to public criticism of the cost associated with sending a large delegation abroad.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. He should save the macho stuff when he is back home. His actions are borderline assault so hopefully he has diplomatic immunity. I’m not a big fan of these types of protests but they are certainly “legal”.

  2. Why is that Karen still wearing her disposable mask?! President Biden and Rachel Walensky told us a while ago that the Covid pandemic is over. Only criminals and gangsters wear masks.

  3. “Anti-government protesters in New York have filed a harassment complaint against MK Simcha Rothman after he forcefully took a megaphone from one of the demonstrators during his visit to the city”



    She was clearly screaming in his ear only a few feet behind him.
    He did not do anything to her other than remove the painfully loud device. What right does she have to torment another Jew this way?
    She should get locked up and use her megaphone on the NYC judges that don’t care too much about criminals

  5. Why is MK Rothman granted visa to enter USA whereas the Venerated צפת Chief Rabbi Moreinu HoRav Shmuel Eliyohu שליט”א had his visa revoked? Something is totally wrong & seriously amiss.

  6. Honestly, I think it’s more than harassment to scream in someone’s ear with a megaphone. He should counter sue.

  7. There is a point where exercising your freedom of speech ends and harassment/being a public nuisance/disturbing the peace begins.

  8. Why is using megaphone so close to MKs ears not being stopped by his security detail?
    He is being physically hurt by the sound!

  9. the irony is that it constitutes battery to scream a megaphone from such a close distance. which is a crime

    He should file a battery complaint with the police

  10. This is ridiculous. A guy follows someone screaming harassing comments in his ear from a megaphone and then sues him for harassment

  11. I think he was right but what the women said “we are all Jews in the end” she didn’t just mean in the end and like rav shach said what makes you Jewish they also was talking only to insite with anger this person supposedly educated to be like them and that is how the girl got the mike back it is something in the conscious of the education

  12. One’s eardrum can be permanently damaged by that volume so close. Happened to an uncle of mine. This should be considered assault by HER.

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