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Agudah NJ Director Rabbi Avi Schnall Launches Run For State Assembly

Agudah NJ Director Rabbi Avi Schnall will be running for a seat in the New Jersey Assembly, Lakewood Alerts has confirmed. An official campaign announcement is expected to be forthcoming.

Rabbi Schnall, who has led Agudah NJ to massive wins for frum communities in New Jersey since taking the helm of the organization, has the full backing of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah, the entirety of Agudah, and the roshei yeshiva of Bais Medrash Govoha.

His name will be on the Democratic line in the November ballot for Assembly under NJ-30. The Democratic nominee for NJ-30, former Lakewood mayor Marta Harrison, dropped out of the race for the seat and the Democratic Party has convened this afternoon to replace her with Avi Schnall as their nominee.

Further details forthcoming.

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  1. i recall kalman yeger doing the same thing when david greenfield “suddenly” resigned to take over Met Council on Jewish poverty after their scandals and he did in a way not to face a primary. I love it how Democrats dont want people to have a choice

  2. Dear Lakewoodbt,

    What are you talking about? The current assemblyman is a Republican who has the frum vote. There is a slight chance that Schnall could lose with the frum vote. Having a democrat primary would make it less of a choice, not more.

  3. Yes, he did, but now the moetzes realized that we NEED A FRUM candidate to vouch for our needs we are so underrepresented in NJ it’s sad. Finally we have a shot al pi derech hateveh..

  4. nomesora, he waited until this other woman got the bid then she “suddenly” dropped out and then he took her spot, no primary, no choice just a bunch of insiders making the decision exactly how the Democrats always operate. I see your logic says we should not have elections as that is also a less of a choice.

  5. @lakewoodbt:
    That’s the same reason why Biden won’t debate RFK jr and Marianne Williamson. The democrats/media are against letting the voters decide. Total dictatorship.

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