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KEEP DAVENING: Iranian Jew’s Execution Delayed For A Month, Further Details Revealed

Iranian Jew Arvin Netanel Ghahremani, 20, was slated to be executed by the Islamic Republic on Monday but Baruch Hashem, his execution has been delayed for a month.

The postponement was announced by Rabbi Moshe Margaretten of the Tzedek Association.

“Excellent news!” he wrote. “The court system in Kermansha Iran, has granted a temporary reprieve to the wrongly accused Jewish man, postponing his execution by approximately one month. We remain hopeful that justice will ultimately prevail, leading to his timely release and exoneration.”

Rabbi Margaretten held a meeting on Friday about the case with New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at the home of Jewish billionaire and philanthropist Alex Rovt.

A New York Post article revealed further details of the case. Avrin was exercising at a gym in the city of Kermanshah, located 326 miles (525 kilometers) from Tehran in the western part of Iran. when he was ambushed by seven men, including a 40-year-old man who owed him money, said Rabbi Danny Yiftach, who translated Iranian court documents for The Post.

Arvin Netanel ben Sonia Tziyona. (Documents supplied to the New York Post)

The purported victim, Amir Shokri, pulled out a large knife and stabbed Ghahremani. Arvin fought back in self-defense and fatally stabbed him.

Ghahremani was convicted of being an “accomplice to the intentional murder of a Muslim” and for “intentionally inflicting nonfatal injuries.”

Dr. Homayoun Sameyah, the Jewish MP in Iran’s Parliament, has tried to intervene by asking multiple lawmakers to mediate with Shokri’s family, even offering to build a mosque in his name. All his efforts were unsuccessful.

“This morning I spent an hour responding to all the WhatsApp messages I’m receiving about this issue,” Yitach said. “This has gotten everybody very nervous in Iran.”

“I’m confident that if this case would have been in Tehran it wouldn’t have turned out this way because I do believe in the goodwill of the central government,” Yiftach said. “Ever since the revolution Iran has said they’re not against the Jewish people — they’re just anti-Zionist. Now is their chance to prove that.”

Until the last moment, efforts continued via international organizations to prevent the execution. Various parties appealed to several countries to intervene, including Russia and Germany. Additionally, lawyers and officials in Iranian Jewish communities in the US made efforts to try to influence the family of the victim to commute the death sentence and accept financial compensation.

Please continue davening for Arvin Netanel ben Sonia Tziyona.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. המקום ירחם עליהם ויוצאם מאפלה לאורה ומשבעוד לגאולה השתא בעגלה ובזמן קריב.

  2. Maybe Rabbi Margareten should contact Rabbi Moshe Weiss from Netura Karte who are supposedly good friends with Iranian President and beg for mercy for his fellow Jew in Iran.

  3. Wild that Iran would think it’s a smart time to murder local Jews. Wonder how that will come across around the globe. Does anyone know how to fix stupid?

  4. No coincidences, with this helicopter occurring in the midst of all this, with a minister who could have been pardoning this Bochur, and then מידה כנגד מידה wouldn’t have been in helicopter crash

  5. living under sharia law means that an infidel can be killed at any time, and does not even have the right to defend himself. the solution is regime change, but in the meantime, no jews should stay amongst such barbarians.

  6. neturei karta should offer to take his place – it’s the least they can do to atone for helping the mullahs.

  7. This is all about money. The Iranian borrowed money he didn’t have to pay back. His rogue family are now blackmailing the Jewish community worldwide to get as much as they can.

  8. I never imagined that it would look like I would have to take a stance in standing up for NK, and as far as I am concerned I am not doing that, but being straight and honest is a must:

    I find it very bemusing, that the same people who shout from the rooftops about “loving evryone (doesn’t matter if they are evil or not), are the ones who display their desire to see other Jews, wether what they do is right or wrong, to be killed by a murderous regime.

    Please don’t be ignorant, the only ones that will only accept you if you become and follow them exactly are the zionists.
    That is why they repeatdedly stopped the attepts by Rav Y. B. Weismandll to save hundreds of thousands of Jews, and when he had a plan already in place (amongst many others, read his sefer Min Hameitzar, or the book about Dr. Griffels z”l, amongst many others) to save remaining Hungarian Jewry (at the time around half a million plus), and came along the nazi kastner ym”sh and sabotaged it, instead trying to take over the whole operation and save only his buddies, or in his own words, “those that are useful to the cause and will build up the land”, and B”H at least the Samter rav amongst others managed in the end to retain their places, notwithstanding the immense pressure and attempts by the barbaric nazionists like kastner and his father-in-law dr, fisher ym”sh to stop this.
    It is no secret the old zionist attitude of rak bedam tihiyeh lanu ha’aretz.
    They were, and are only interested in those that will help to further their cause, and due to that they “saved” the ethiopians (but by now since they have enough citizens in their state they descriminate against them because their is no use for them anymore), and the same goes for what they did with the Yemenites, Moroccans and yaldei Tehran.
    However extreme owhatever NK m,ight be, one thing I have never seen in them is only wanting to help those that will end up like them.
    I know various askanim and other regular people in differtent kehillas around the world, who are openly known to be NK, and declare so, but they help many other s out in various ways.
    They don’t look at you and say, well you are not for our cause, only the zionists do that..

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