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SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Man Arrested After Attempting To Ram Yeshiva Students Outside Brooklyn Yeshiva

A man driving a vehicle attempted to ram Yeshiva Bochurim and a Rebbi outside the Vien Yeshiva in Canarsie on Wednesday.

Sources tell YWN that Boro Park Shomrim received urgent calls reporting that a white sedan had twice attempted to hit Bochurim, though nobody was injured.

Footage pulled by Shomrim and obtained by YWN shows the suspect vehicle first attempting to ram Bochurim on E. 55th Street and Glenwood Road, but failing.

The driver then went around the block and returned to the Yeshiva, where he hunted Bochurim and a Rebbi, driving up the curb and onto the Yeshiva’s property, as his targets scattered.

The NYPD responded to the scene and began an investigation.

Shomrim from Flatbush, Crown Heights and Boro Park mounted an immediate, all-out search for the suspect. The suspect vehicle was quickly located by a Flatbush Shomrim volunteer at Flatbush Avenue and Avenue L. The NYPD was called, and the suspect was taken into custody.

The man behind the wheels was described to YWN as an individual of Middle Eastern descent.

NYPD Hate Crime Detectives are on the scene.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

19 Responses

  1. Of course he’s a Muslim animal what do you think?!? He needs to be put away permanently and I’m sure you know what I mean!

  2. now lets see DA Eric Gonzalez mr. woke not charge him with attempted murder and let him out TONIGHT and claim mental illness.

  3. A liberal judge will make sure he eats dinner tonight with his close ones at an exotic restaurant – at taxpayers expense.

  4. Protests and chanting “intafada” doesn’t mean anything, it’s just freedom of expression, particularly when do so in Jewish neighborhoods of Brooklyn…they have nothing against Jews, they are only against Israel…

  5. Arab just tried to mow people down with his car, and the cop gently taps him on the shoulder when approaching the arab. Try guns drawn, commands to lie face down on the ground. NYPD needs more training. Has this animal been released without bail yet? If anyone knows his name, post it here.

  6. A filthy Muslim pig doing his thing. A roundup of all Muslims and deport them all to the garbage gutter countries they all came from would be in order before its too late

  7. Please remove this story immediately! I agree with our first African American female open lesbian press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre. We must stop Islamophobia in it’s tracks.

  8. The Judge,
    Why should law enforcement use anything more than necessary regardless of the crime?
    Their job is to arrest people so they can be tried in court. Not draw guns for no reason.
    (But when a Chasid up north didn’t pull over for miles at night & they were pulled out of the car & put on the ground many of us screamed, “Police abuse! Unnecessary force!” & The tried & true, “Antisemitism!”)

  9. They looked naive the way they approached him he could have had a gun. I’m fine with anything that doesn’t let him out on the streets. A mental facility is good enough these days.

  10. docelisheva:
    The two are, of course, not the same. The Zionist “State” is Zionist, not Jewish, and Jews are not responsible for anything that the Zionists do – but even some Jewish sites repeat the Zionist Big Lie that the Zionist “State” is Jewish instead of accurately referring to that “State” as either Zionist or Israeli and not Jewish.

  11. Hakatan, regardless how you feel about Israel, that was not the point of the poster’s comment. The point is that these haters hate and target all Jews regardless if they are pro or anti Israel. The Jew haters don’t care about the Fakestinians, they simply use the situation as an excuse to be violent against ALL Jews.

  12. Sad but maybe necessary to install bollards (short thick poles) or walls to
    prevent vehicles from reaching buildings.

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