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Rabbi Dr. Yosef Brown Z”L: A Life Of Service And Avodas Hashem

This past Thursday morning, the second day of Shavuos, Rabbi Dr. Yosef Brown was niftar. Most people knew him as Dr. Brown, the psychologist, but he always emphasized that he was a husband, father and grandfather first. Outside of his professional career, he always asked to just be called Yosef, always teaching his children to shy away from kavod.

At the young age of 25, at the behest of his father, Mr. Zelig Brown, a Holocaust survivor, young Yosef received smicha from Rav Moishe Feinstein, while at the same time working on his master’s degree in clinical psychology from NYU, and as bing “an ever-present husband and father,” as bis wife, Mrs. Golda Brown, says.

Over the past 40 years, Dr. Brown has seen thousands of patients from the NY area and beyond, with many rabbonim referring to him for complicated cases related to parenting, shalom bayis, and many other difficult situations.

On Shavuos morning, Rabbi Dr. Yosef Brown suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and was taken to the borei oilam. He was buried on Har Hamenuchos.

He is survived by his wife Mrs. Golda Brown, and his children Aryeh, Dov, Basi Goldfarb, and 14 grandchildren.

Yehi Zichro Baruch

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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