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Former Obama Advisor David Axelrod Slams Biden’s ABC Interview As “Sad” And “Out Of Touch With Reality”

In a scathing assessment, David Axelrod, a top advisor to former President Barack Obama, called President Biden’s ABC interview “sad” to watch, citing the president’s disconnect from reality.

When asked about Biden’s response to taking a cognitive test, Axelrod pointed out the president’s denial of his declining mental fitness, saying, “When George Stephanopoulos asked him if he’d be willing to take a cognitive test, he said, ‘I take a cognitive test every day.’ Well, the fact is, that may be true, but 75% of the American people think he fails.”

Axelrod also criticized Biden’s refusal to leave the race, saying, “And somebody really needs to be honest with him about it. It’s not, it can’t be the good Lord, but it should be people who love and care for him and his closest advisers, his portrait of where he is in this race doesn’t comport with reality.”

This is not the first time Axelrod has sounded the alarm about Biden’s age and declining mental fitness. In November, he flagged the “age issue” as a major concern and warned that Biden’s chances against Trump in a rematch would be at best 50-50.

Despite initial positive reviews from Democrats, Biden still faces an uphill battle in convincing party members he can beat Trump in the 2024 rematch. In fact, Rep. Mike Quigley became the fourth House Democrat to call on President Biden to leave the race after the interview aired.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Trump gets all the blame for refusing to concede the election and leave office. In a way, Biden isn’t much different…

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