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WORRIES GROW: Dem Senator: Biden Could Drag Us All Down, Causing Republican Election Sweep

Democratic Senator Michael Bennet says he’s worried President Joe Biden’s struggling campaign could not only cost Democrats the White House but also lead to a Republican sweep of Congress. While stopping short of calling for Biden to step aside, Bennet’s comments add to growing alarm among Democratic lawmakers over the president’s poor debate performance and recent interviews.

According to CNN’s Dana Bash, Bennet, along with Senators Sherrod Brown and Jon Tester, doubt Biden’s ability to defeat former President Donald Trump in November. Brown and Tester face tough reelection battles this year.

“This race is on a trajectory that is very worrisome if you care about the future of this country,” Bennet said. “Donald Trump is on track, I think, to win this election and maybe win it by a landslide and take with him the Senate and the House.”

Bennet emphasized that his concerns go beyond politics, posing a moral question about the country’s future. “I think it’s critically important for us to come to grips with what we face if together, we put this country on the path of electing Donald Trump again.”

Democrats currently control the Senate by a slim two-seat majority and hold just six fewer seats than Republicans in the House, making the stakes high for the upcoming election.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Crooked Joe is staying put, so that he can pardon hunter, between election day & January 20th.
    🇬🇧 is smart, has no lameduck, and changes prime-minister the very next day, after election

  2. It isn’t clear that Harris (or someone else) will do better. Trump has become much more moderate, e.g. supporting non-MAGA Republicans such as Larry Hogan for Senate from Maryland, supporting states’ rights on abortion rather than being strictly pro-life, and rather than quitting NATO he is only calling for NATO members to take defense more seriously which they are doing, etc. Furthermore, the Democrats’ problem isn’t so much that Biden is a pre-Boomer, but that their policies on many areas are objectionable (anti-business, anti-manufacturing, “trans rights”, trying to force people into unions against their will, green policies that threated people’s jobs and standard of living, and lawfare policies which many perceive as a serious threat to personal freedom). Replacing Biden with a younger version of Biden won’t help the Democrats.

    The presence of an anti-Semitic wing within the Democrats may be a major factor in New York State now being considered “in play”, and if the Democrats can’t count on New York, they may be facing “blow out” no matter who they nominate.

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