Boro Park Shomrim Make Two Arrests In Hours


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bp shomrim1.jpgIncident #1: At approximately 3:00AM early Wednesday morning, Boro park Shomrim received a phone call from the manager of the Skver Cheder on 14th Avenue & 53rd Street, that a burglar was inside the Yeshiva building.

The manager – who had been staying late at work to get things in order for the new school year – quietly followed the suspect out of the building. Upon seeing the arriving Shomrim units, the suspect fled on foot – prompting responding units to join the foot pursuit.

He was eventually apprehended on Avenue F and McDonald Avenue, and arrested by the NYPD’s 66th Precinct. In addition to the box of stolen goods, he was found to have a knife on his possession.

INCIDENT #2: At noon time on Wednesday, Shomrim received a phone call from a caller saying that his van had just been stolen from 15th Avenue and 59th Street. Shomrim dispatched multiple units to the area, and began searching for the stolen vehicle.

A few minutes later, the van was spotted on 15th Avenue and 51st Street – with the car thief behind the wheel. Shomrim units safely apprehended the suspect, and he was placed under arrest by officers from the NYPD’s 66th Precinct.

Just another two reasons to be thankful to the dedicated members of Boro Park Shomrim and the NYPD, who place their lives on the line each day to protect YOUR streets!

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)