NJ Senators Want to Limit Sale Of Cold Medicines


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ro.jpgTwo New Jersey Senators concerned about potential abuse of over-the-counter cold medicines are proposing a ban on the sale of some products to children and teenagers.

The proposal to ban cough and cold remedies containing DMX, or dextromethorphan, is being advanced by Democratic state Sen. Barbara Buono and Republican Sen. Tom Kean Jr. DMX can be lethal for teenagers who abuse it to get high, Buono said.

The ingredient is found in more than 100 over-the-counter cold medicines, including Robitussin, Vicks and Dayquil.

The bill, which will be introduced this fall, would require cashiers to verify a customer’s age before selling any product containing DMX.

(Source: Associated Press)


  1. I thought this was already done in NJ when I went to make such a purchase at a Rite Aid. The cash register/computer required my age and DL number even though I do not look like a teenager.