Plane Lands On Garden State Parkway


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Cessna.jpg2:15PM EST: [UPDATES BELOW] A small plane has landed in the northbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway at mile marker 102.5 a few moments ago. There are no reports of injuries, and it appears that the pilot made an emergency landing.

YWN can confirm that traffic on the Parkway has been shut down at this time – and traffic is backing up. YWN can also confirm that the plane is being loaded onto a flatbed truck to be removed from the scene. It does not appear that the highway will remain closed for much longer.

Additionally, the plane is a single engine Cessna 152 aircraft, and is currently on the right shoulder of the North-bound lanes. Emergency crews are on the scene at this time.

UPDATE 2:25PM EST: The plane has been removed from the scene at this time.

UPDATE 2:27PM EST: As of this time, the Garden State Parkway has been reopened.

Any additional details will be posted shortly.

(Eli Rowe – YWN Desk)




  1. When I took flying lessons years ago in a Cessna 152 the flight instructors used to point out the Garden State pkwy among other roads in case of an emergency landing.

  2. What exactly is the strategy of emergency landing on the Parkway to save two people, while in the process putting hundreds of lives at risk (unless of course the police have cleared the road, like in this scenario).

  3. Eli Rowe:
    You are a pilot – so tell us, is the Garden State Parkway a suitable place to make an emergency landing for a jet, or is it only for a small twin engine propeller plane as in the image above?