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Pedestrian Fatally Struck in Queens

misaskim2.jpg5:40PM EST: Misaskim units have been dispatched to Main Street and 82nd Street where a person was R”L struck and fatally killed by a vehicle. Paramedics from Queens Hatzolah desperately tried to save the elderly mans life, but he was transported in traumatic arrest, and unfortunately pronounced dead upon arrival at Queens General Hospital. The NYPD Accident Investigation Team has been dispatched to the scene.

The name of the Niftar is not being released pending proper notifications.

Boruch Dayan Emmes….

(YW-104 / YW-106 / YW-153 / YW-170)

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  1. please rabossai

    you need a kol koreh

    do not drive with a suspended liscence
    there is a frum boy in all sorts of trouble today because he never took care of his liscence

    please be careful

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