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VIDEO: Good Shabbos Vietnam

Even if you are not fluent in Hebrew, you can only benefit from this moving video prepared by Channel 2 Israel News, giving a bit of an insight of the a young Chabad shlichim, a couple and their infant child heading off to their new shlichus, in Vietnam.

The challenges facing Menachem and Rachaeli Hartman are formidable to say the least. For Rachaeli’s mother, Mrs. Batia Deutsch, it is no different than if they were being “sent to the moon,” expressing her concerns and fears over the mission the young couple has undertaken. Mrs. Deutsch is trying to remain optimistic, but frankly, she does not see how the children will endure the realities of living in a place totally void of Yiddishkeit.

The couple explains they did not bring enough food for the first days, and fear that until their lift with supplies arrive; they may be experiencing a “state of emergency”.

As Menachem sat with his colleagues in yeshiva as they bid him farewell, his rav refers to his assignment as the “avi avos hatuma,” a place where most of what is eaten is forbidden. “There is no Shmiras Shabbos, no mikve, no kashrus” his rav explains as they prepare to send young Menachem off to spread Yiddishkeit to the Far East.

The movie is available compliments of Chabad Online, in Hebrew, with Hebrew subtitles. Well worth the watch. Click HERE to watch.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Amazing!!!!
    My apreciation for this couple and others like them in endless.

    How many tens of thousands of Yidden have come back to the fold thanx to the efforts of chabad over the last 60 years!!!!!!!!

  2. The Hartmans have been in Vietnam for about 2 years. They are listed as Shluchim in the Tzach list, a directory, which was last updated a year ago. I believe he spoke at the Kinus HaShluchim either last year or the year before. This report implies they are new Shluchim, which is incorrect.

  3. i was specifically told in china i can eat NOTHING but coca cola (though hong kong imports alot of stuff from us). even usual american brands are not from america. must check labels.

    even eggs you cant buy (they are not chicken eggs, but something wierd. luckily, eggs are imported from us (and look normal).

  4. 5: Huh? Who is your Rov?

    I am in China every so often, along with thousands of other charedim and I have not heard anything like that. Where do you think the kosher restaurants (Beijing and Shen Zhen) are getting thier food from? How about the 7 chabads here are getting their food from?

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