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Mumbai Kedoshim Arrive in Eretz Yisroel – LEVAYA DETAILS


Following is the latest update on the funerals for the Kedoshim of Mumbai as of Tuesday morning 7:00AM IL / 12:00AM EST: (NOTE: All Levaya hookup info availble is posted below in the earlier update)

Norma Rabinovitch-Shvarzblat HY”D:

11:30am at Har Menuchos Cemetery in Yerushalayim.

R’ Bentzion Chroman HY”D

12:00pm from the Bobov Beis Medresh in Bat Yam. From there to Bobov in Bnei Brak (Chazon Ish Street) and then to Segulah Cemetery to the chelka of the Spinka Rebbes.

Rabbi Gavriel Noach and Rivka Holtzberg HY”D

1:00pm at Kfar Chabad, making its way to Yeshiva Toras Emes in Yerushalayim and then to Har HaZeisim.

Rabbi Aryeh Leibish Teitlebaum HY”D

10:30am at the Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Beis Medresh in Meah Shearim and then to Har HaZeisim.

Yocheved Orpaz HY”D

The funeral will begin at 2:30pm at the Chesed Gate of Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Cemetery.

When the Kedoshim flight landed in Ben-Gurion International Airport close to midnight, many were on hand including the Gerre Rebbe Shlita, Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman Shlita, Meir Porush, MK R’ Yaakov Litzman, senior IDF Chief Rabbinate representatives and Shas ministers. The coffins of the Rabbi Gavriel Noach & Rivka Holtzman and Bentzion Chroman were draped in talleisim and Israelis flags. The coffins of Rabbi Aryeh Leibish Teitlebaum and Norma Rabinovitch-Shvarzblat [both not Isreali citizens] were draped with talleisim only.

FIRST POSTING AT 8:43PM EST / 3:43AM IL: Several hundred people were on hand at midnight in Ben Gurion International Airport to show respect to the six Kedoshim brutally murdered in last week’s terror attack in Mumbai, India. The plane carrying their caskets touched down just before midnight. Among those attending the ceremony was the Gerrer Rebbe Shlita – as well as an official state delegation. (Click HERE for photos)

A representative of the Chief Rabbinate recited Kadish over the victims, a short ceremony took place at the airport, and then the bodies were taken to the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute for the final identification process.

Kfar Chabad Levaya info:

At present, the levaya in Kfar Chabad for Kedoshim Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg HY”D and Rebbitzin Rivka Holtzberg HY”D will take place at 1:00pm. Shluchim from around the world are making their way to Eretz Yisrael to attend the funeral.

At 6am (NY Time) Tuesday morning, a live video feed of the levaya of Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Hotzberg, HY”D, will be available on at thanks to the generous support of Rabbi Shalom Laine. There will be a live video hook-up from Kfar Chabad broadcasted to Lubavitcher Yeshiva, 570 Crown St at 5:45AM EST.

The levaya will begin in Kfar Chabad, then making its way to Yeshiva Torah Emes Chabad in Yerushalayim and then to Har HaZeisim.

Railway service changes will occur due to the funeral. In actuality, there will be many traffic pattern changes as well as disruptions in public transportation in a number of cities as the Kedoshim are brought to their final resting place in Eretz HaKodesh.

Israel Railways has announced that in order to accommodate the many wishing to attend the levaya in Kfar Chabad, all trains that pass the Kfar Chabad station beginning an hour before the funeral will stop at the Kfar to facilitate transportation. Chabad spokesman Menachem Brod advises people take advantage of the rail service accommodation, which will serve as one of the easier access routes for funeral attendees he believes.

Bat Yam Levaya Info:

The levaya of Kadosh R’ Bentzion Chroman HY”D will begin at 12:00 noon from the Bobov Beis Medresh in Bat Yam. From Kiryat Bobov in Bat Yam, the procession will travel to 16 Chazon Ish Street in Bnei Brak to the Bobov shul, hoping to arrive at about 2:00pm. From there, the procession will travel to the Segulah Cemetery, to the chelkah of the Admorim of Spinka ZT”L.

Meah Shearim Levaya Info:

The levaya of Kadosh Rabbi Aryeh Leibish Teitlebaum HY”D is for 10:30am in Meah Shearim in Yerushalayim, at the Toldos Avraham Yitzchak Beis Medresh. Following the hespedim, the levaya will travel to Har HaZeisim for kvura.

There will be a live hookup in the New York area at 3:30AM at the following locations:

Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Bais Medrash in Monsey: 20 Westside Avenue, Spring Valley
Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Bais Medrash in Williamsburg: 249 Rutledge Street, Brooklyn
Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Bais Medrash in Boro Park 1314 53rd Street, Brooklyn
Volove Bais Medresh at 5808 11th Avenue, Brooklyn

Rav Lau to Deliver Hespad at Kfar Chabad:

Rav Yisrael Meir Lau to Tael Aviv Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau Shlita will be among those delivering a hesped for the Kedoshim in Kfar Chabad. Tonight, the Rav had a few emotional words to share – a synopsis follows:

“In my heart, I already knew on Thursday afternoon that the wonderful couple was no longer.  Regarding the others, I did not know”.

His Shlichus was Vayeshev, Yaakov sent him to inquire regarding Yosef. Knowing he is hated, a 17-year-old on a mission and he is afraid, but he accepts the command from his father. Yosef in his response to Yaakov says one word, “Heneini” and this was Rav Gavriel, who was sent by the Rebbe, a young boy on a mission, responding to the Rebbe’s word.

Around the calendar year, Chabad Shluchim provide substance for mitzvos, matzah, 4 minim, wine, kosher poultry, and a never-ending list, with love and a smile – around the world.

The Shluchim do this, spreading the light of torah to the most remote places. The thought of having to be maspid such people tear one’s heart from the inside out.

The Rav went on to expound, to mention names of the many families who he was maspid, terror victims, but he said Moishele – “Moishele brings tears to my heart, tearing it to shreds”.

He knows nothing. He justifiably cries yelling “ima” “abba” seeking a hug, their warm embrace – this is a young Jewish boy torn asunder – in any language one understands – but Moishele is the pillar of hope for the future.

All our hope now focuses on this young child, a two-year-old who shoulders must now bear the weight of our hopes.

The grandparents, the Rosenbergs, will now bring Moishele home and raise him and in all likelihood, he will turn into a major source of new light for Am Yisrael in the future.

The Rav’s words are especially poignant, he too a child survivor, one who lost his parents, emerging from the fires and hell of Buchenwald at a young age.


(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel / Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN NYC)

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  1. These photos are so painful and bring tears to my eyes. At the same time to see so many yidden from so many walks of life united in showing their respects to these Kedoshim gives a feeling of deep hope.
    Surely this unity is only a glimpse of what Achdus we will soon experience at the coming of the long awaited geulah. May the zechus of these Kedoshim hasten the coming of Moshiach, and may they be melitzei yosher for all of klal yisroel.

  2. Crown Heights: Live Video Hook-Up of Levayos of Rabbi and Mrs. Holtzberg HYD

    On Tuesday, December 2nd, at 5:45 AM in the Lubavitch Yeshiva, 570 Crown Street (entrance on Albany Avenue), There will be a live video hook-up from Kfar Chabad, Israel of the Levayas of Rabbi Gavriel Noach and Mrs. Rivka Holtzberg.

    We are requesting and urging all Crown Heights residents to attend and stand together in unity in a short program of Tefila in the merit of our brother and sister who were murdered al kiddush Hashem during their service as the Rebbe’s Shluchim in Mumbai, India.

    Let us hope that we should already witness “they will awaken and sing”, and the kedoshim among them and at their head, in the upcoming Redemption bkorov mamosh.

  3. To Listen to the Levaya of HaKodosh Rav Aryeh Leibish Teitelbaum ZT”L HY”D call:
    212-998-8000 pin number 2233#
    or 212-461-5800 pin number 2233#
    or 718-305-1222 access code 425354354#
    OR SAME NUMBER with access code 425659388#
    or not local number 712-432-1001 access code 440260280#
    You will hear music until it begins
    As per latest updates on Kol Mivasser, it should start shortly.


  5. live hook up on cnn is NO longer avaible they just took it off for some reason but they had it on earlier— LIVE HOOK UP NO LONGER AVAIBLE!

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