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Lakewood Hatzolah Announces the ‘SAVE A LIFE’ Reflector & Helmet Campaign

lkwd logo.jpgIn an all out effort to encourage members of the community to wear reflectors at night and to wear helmets when riding bikes, scooters, rib sticks, or skateboards, Hatzolah of Lakewood has launched a new  “SAVE A LIFE” safety campaign.

Hatzolah volunteers will be randomly handing out coupons for FREE food at Yussi’s to people they spot wearing a reflector and or helmet.

1000’s of coupons will be distributed!! 
Within the next couple of weeks, reflectors will be distributed to the hundreds of students currently learning in all of the Lakewood Mesivtas.

Reflectors are now available at Yussi’s Deli on Clifton Avenue, Yussi’s Grill in the Westgate Plaza and at the new Dina’s Leather and Interiors on Cedarbridge Ave for ONLY $2

To help sponsor this important life-saving campaign please contact the Lakewood Hatzolah office at (732) 363-5600.

8 Responses

  1. This is a nice idea to get people to wear reflectors. I always wear reflectors at night it is very important. So many times when i am in the car it is hard to see pedestrians especially if they are all dressed in black. Kol hakavod to lakewood hatzolah for this creative idea.

  2. I wish that they do this in Boro Park too (actually in all Yiddishe neighborhoods). I begged Hatzoloh a few years ago to talk to the yeshivas to get everyone to wear reflectors. Actually, everyone should wear them, not only children.
    Especially our Chasidish/Yeshivish crowd that is dressed entirely in black, from head to toe. I am a very carefull driver, but many times I just missed such people at night.
    Many ladies have such reflectors on their walking sneakers – what a blessing.

    If I c”v hit you, because I didn’t see you, we BOTH will be in Tzoros R”L.
    Rachmonus, please!
    An ounce of prevention (a little reflector) is worth more than rivers of tears.

  3. Good idea, except instead of giving them free food for wearing, they should slap (not literally) them if they don’t wear them.
    Also, I don’t understand why they need to give out free ones? Isn’t a child’s life worth more to the parents than the $3 it costs to buy one? Why do they need freebies?

  4. This should almost be made mandatory. With so many pedestrians on roads filled with cars, sometimes it seems like being extra careful is not enough. Cars have to maneuver quickly due to heavy traffic and pedestrians in a hurry, abruptly change walking patterns to cross or even stand on the road and continue walking toward your car while waiting for a break in traffic to cross.

  5. I know nat (#2) and he is a tremendous osek betzorchai tzibbur. Shtilerhait.
    It is kedai to listen to someone with a heart like his.
    May we never hear of anymore tzaros.

  6. GREAT IDEA!!! I’ve hit two people with my car since I simply could not see them. I read in the paper the next days that both of them survived.

  7. America needs to urgently know what “sidewalks” are. In Europe or in Israel, every street of anything other than miniscule size has a sidewalk (usually on both sides). Why do I get the impression that many of your roads lack sidewalks?

    (Note: I’ve never been in the US.)

  8. kudos to him for spearheading this most important campaign this must be costing him a ton of hotdogs
    may hashem repay him for this a hotdog for hotdog X2
    ps definatly the best sushi in town and a most wonderfull guy

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