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Lakewood, NJ: Kimball Hospital to Layoff Employees

kmc.jpgOfficials for Kimball Medical Center confirmed to the Asbury Park Press today, that the hospital administration will layoff another 10 employees.

The layoffs come amid reports that Kimball’s operator Saint Barnabas Health Care System is considering closing the hospital as it attempts to rein in $52.5 million in losses since 2006. Kimball itself lost $8 million this year. Kimball Executive Director Joe Hicks has denied any plans to close.

Saint Barnabas operates nine hospitals and is the largest health care system in New Jersey.

Kimball officials did not say if more layoffs are expected. The 12, so far, add to the 86 layoffs that have occurred since early last month at two other Saint Barnabas hospitals: Community Medical Center in Toms River and Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch.

(Source: Asbury Park Press)

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  1. That’s what happens when so many people use the hospital but don’t pay.The hospital has to take in anyone in the em3e4rgency room no matter if they can or cannot afford to pay. Read between the lines.

  2. #1 is right on the mark. The illegal aliens that are hosted in Lakewood by our great selfish bretheren landlords are also destroying Kimball now.
    All these guys have no insurance and they go to ER for throat cultures etc… Kimball has to supply them free healthcare and provide them spanish speaking staff.
    This is in addition to the high property taxes we pay to educate them with bilingual education.
    When will the people wake up and not associate with anybody who rents to illegals. They are destroying our country.

  3. And they blame the republicans for the recession. Democrats run Jersey. The truth in NJ is that state law requires, not just emergency care but any medical care in the hospital setting if you qualify for charity care. Most poor people qualify. The way it’s suppose to work is that the state reimburses the hospital, but with all the red tape they don’t get back enough to cover their expenses. What is supposed to be a chessed for poor people ends up being bad for everyone. Wait till they put through universal health care and you’ll see how bad American medical care gets. I’ve been to emergency rooms in Canada and the wait here will become just as long. If you vote for the democrats and their policies -don’t complain when things get a lot worse. When it sounds too good to be true (“We must have universal health insurance.”) -it isn’t.

  4. No. It’s their fault. It’s a very lousy and stinky hospital. They were always trying to be cheap, and that’s why they only had the worst doctors there. That’s why everyone hates going there. If they would have been more interested in investing in their own place, it would have been much more viable.

  5. With all due respect, I think there is more to it music man. I believe at least 1/2 the hospitals in NJ are running in the red, the others mostly razor thin margins. Charity care underfunding is a serious problem. Take a look at hospitals closed this year, 2 in Newark, Union hospital in Union, Muhlenberg—all of them had a payor mix that was not favorable. More closures may well come. Additionally, many hospitals financed expansions with auction rate bonds. We all know what happened there. Hospital interest payments went through the roof, or they paid a fortune to refinance if they could. Not to mention that physician owned free standing surgery centers, radiology centers, etc. have popped up all over and take all the low risk profitable care out of the hospitals leaving only the no or low pay, high risk care. Healthcare is a mess–no doubt about it. Wish I knew how to fix it as problems will lower quality for all.

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