VIDEO: Keren Moshe Yitzchak HaKohen “Got Chicken”


chicken.jpgVIDEO LINK Click HERE. With the current economic crisis at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it is only appropriate to shed light on some of the efforts that are currently underway to stem the tide of poverty among our fellow brethren. While those living in America are slowly feeling the change of the fiscal climate, the needy families of Eretz Yisroel can barely sense any change of their desperate economic situations. With their predicament so pitiful, many families have no choice but to rely on the generosity of others’ to make it from week to week.

Over the years many organizations have taken the initiative and the responsibility to do something- anything- to relieve some of the pressure that these families feel on a daily basis. We take great pride in bringing to light an organization which is working hard targeting working class families who are on the brink of collapse. They deal with families who are slowly sinking into the dark abyss that is poverty, depression and emptiness.

By working together with Rabbanim and Askanim of various neighborhoods they ensure that these unfortunate families are able to maintain their dignity and pride- by discreetly providing them with the basic staples of food for Shabbos and Yom Tov.

[Music video written, composed and sung by Dani Kunstler]


  1. The video is so professional and emotional…I want to sponsor this boys’ snacks & lunch for 10 yrs.! With all the organizations needing our support, this 1 tugs @ the heart strings. The fact that its all done discreetly & they can maintain their dignity, is the biggest form of giving tzedaka. Keep up your tremendous work & may Ha—m repay you.

  2. As I was watching this video, my 3 year old was sitting on my lap with a lollipop. She asked me: “Tatty why are you crying?” I told that that little boy has nothing to eat. She ran to the kitchen and she brought another lollipop and said” Tatty I can give him mine” Rabboisai if a 3 year old knows she has to give away her lollipop, can’t we know the same? Every time you sit down to eat, put aside a dollar or two it all adds up.
    Don’t send 30 Shelach Manos this year; use that money to give a little child something to eat for lunch. I just made a donation to that organization, you should be next.
    Teshuva Tefila U Tzedokah Maavirim es Zroa Hagzeiro

  3. nebach,its so true. While walking in yerushalayim last year near the Mir,I was buying a drink and a danish,to give to my son for lunch time. When this little yerushalmi boy about 6-7 years old looked at my son opening the drink,he just kept staring at the drink and danish in my son’s hand. We both felt so guilty,that we just gave him the food,and of course he accepted it,and gobbled it up right then and there. My heart went out for this little boy. I gave him some money too,how could I not? We here in America(as tough as the matzev is)take these things for granted,its much tougher there. I dont have the answers. There is also a famous woman in yerushalayim known as “The Chicken Lady” She is a young 90’s kein ain noharah. She has distributed literally hundreds of thousands of chickens over the past 30-35 years. Her name is Clara Hammer Mishmar Hagvul 4 Ramat Eshkol,Jerusalem. She has a list of 290 families that get their chickens from her every week. No Govt funding. All monies are from private people like you and me. May she continue in her Avodas H’kodesh at Meah Ve’esrim Shana.