Proposal Calls For More Traffic Lights Near BMG


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tl.gifLakewood, NJ – More traffic signals, fewer left turns and better street lighting are some of the changes the downtown could soon experience as the township looks to relieve traffic congestion and improve pedestrian safety.

The township planner recently turned in a report that recommends installing several traffic lights along Clifton, Lexington and Forest avenues as well as at the intersection of North Lake Drive and Lakewood Avenue. It also suggested prohibiting drivers from crossing or making a left turn onto Madison Avenue at intersections with no traffic light.

Lakewood’s population went from 45,048 in 1990 to 67,910 in 2005, according to the report, citing state figures. Rough estimates put today’s population at about 80,000. The increase has taken its toll on the roadway infrastructure and public safety.

The planner, T&M Associates, fielded questions and comments at a public hearing Monday, though only about a half-dozen people showed. Some spoke in favor of improving bus services to alleviate traffic.

T&M will now draft a final report and submit it probably in late May to the Township Committee for a vote.

Many of the proposals focused on the area around Beth Medrash Govoha, where thousands of students create a pedestrian cluster zone vulnerable to heavy traffic. There, the report called for improved ambient lighting along Forest Avenue, making Sixth and Seventh streets one-way and installing traffic signals where they intersect with Forest Avenue. The one-way streets would open up 150 more street parking spaces, the report said. It also recommended creating loading and drop-off areas and a carpooling database for commuting students.

(Source: APP)


  1. Maybe they can make a ‘wife dropping off husband’ spot – so wives don’t have to feel awkward in the ‘yeshiva’ area.

  2. seeallsides– It is the accepted practice (as per Harav Forscheimer Shlita) not to drop your husband off right in front of Yeshiva, but around the corner. There is no need to make a particular ‘spot’, as there are many different places around the corner, down the block… that are perfectly fine for that. Funny that you mention the ‘wifes’ feeling awkward. Rav Forscheimers concern was more that there was a parade of women in front of Yeshiva, which he felt wasn’t proper.

  3. “It also suggested prohibiting drivers from crossing or making a left turn onto Madison Avenue at intersections with no traffic light.”

    If they do this, I suggest making it applicable only during the day. When I’m in Lakewood I drive to vasikin and never have any problems crossing Madison because of the light traffic at that hour, but this plan would create problems that don’t need to be there in the middle of the night.