Obama’s Poll Numbers Plummet


ola.jpgRasmussen reports President Obama’s Presidential Approval Index fell to -3. That is Obama’s lowest rating to date.

The tracking Poll shows that 33% of the nation’s voters strongly approve of Obama’s performance and 36% strongly disapprove. Rasmussen’s Presidential Approval Index is calculated by subtracting the number who strongly disapprove from the number who strongly approve.

Those figures reflect the highest level of strong disapproval and the lowest level recorded for the overall Approval Index to date.

Obama’s poll numbers began falling to earth as the Obama Presidency reached the 100-day mark, but slowed after the Presidential Approval Index hit +4.

A new Quinnipiac University poll found Obama’s approval rating also fell below 50 percent in Ohio,  a critical swing state. The 49-44 rating is Obama’s lowest approval rating in any national or statewide Quinnipiac University poll since his was inauguration and is down from 62-31 percent in a May 6 Quinnipiac poll.

In the new poll, voters disapprove of the way Obama is handling the economy 48-46 percent. This is down from 57-36 percent in May.

(Source: Examiner)


  1. HODU LASH-M KI TOV!! The nation awakes.

    Of the 33% that “strongly approve” I would like to ask them what it is that they “strongly approve” of. Most of the time they answer that they have no idea why. Some of them even “approve” for the same reason Colin Powell wanted Obama — RACIAL REASONS and nothing else.

    BTW is it me or does anyone else see the resemblance between the Pres and Steve Urkel?

  2. ……as they should. I would not be surprised if an impeachment movement started for his lack of responsibility for national security, as well.

  3. I agree with mark levin. Praise the Lord and pass the proverbial ammunition. I would like to see more serious discussion about his being a native born American.

  4. #3, If you’re going to impeach him, why don’t we take legal action regarding his birthplace and citizenship status as well? Or the fact that since he’s been in “office”, he’s spent so much of OUR tax dollars travelling the world. Has he done ANYTHING good for America? Besides put his feet up on the desk to show the world how LITTLE respect HE has for our country and our highest office. If we don’t respect ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to respect us?

  5. The reason his numbers are falling have nothing to do with his birth or other far-right fodder.

    His numbers are falling because the public can see through his fake.

    His advisers are the government equivalent of financial analysts who tell people their firm’s high-risk investments must be safe because they recommend it and they have PhD’s. They’re just a bunch of high-paid crooks.

    Likewise Obama’s people are taking outrageous risks and lying to us about it. Because they are technocrats. The common folk can see through the smoke screen. He’s messing up the economy, Russia, Korea and the Middle East, with a posse of PhD’s riding side saddle with him.

  6. #7, that still may not be irrefutable truth. In some states, as I understand, there can be an original birth certificate that precedes a Certificate of Live Birth. In other words, a Certificate of Live Birth can be created later on and would not be from the time of the original birth experience.

  7. #4 – actually it is a left wing arguement that he is ineligible, but the left doesn’t make it,the argument is:

    1) Hawaii’s annexation was illegal since the majority of the Hawaiian people at the time wanted to remain independent under their own ruler, Queen Liliuokalani.

    2) Since Hawaii was never legally annexed, its status was (and is) that of occupied territories (similar to the green zone of Iraq).

    3) The issue has no legal significance though, since Mr. Obama’s mother was born in Kansas, and therefore even if Hawaii is really not part of the United States, President Obama would be a NATURAL BORN citizen (citizen by birth, rather than by naturalization) by virtue of his mother’s citizenship.

  8. finally. I really thought the America would not wake up.

    just watch out for him to get nasty if America continues to disapprove.

    akuperma: i thought you used to say his economic plans were brilliant!

    in any case glad to have you aboard.

  9. So Obama’s approval rating is at 54% and the right wingers on this board are estatic. During his entire second term George Bush never had an approval rating over 50%.

  10. rj, – is this related at all to the subject at hand?

    if you are an example of how obama supporters think, then it is no surprise that they are easy prey for his empty lies and manipulations.

  11. #15 – it depends on a goal. If he wants to prevent deflation, his plan is brilliant, and deflation has been minimized. If it is to reward his core constituencies (e.g. UAW), the plan is working very well.

    If the goal to to promote overall economic growth, Obama’s economic policies might fail (on the otherhand, it might get him reelected – he’s still doing well, and those number improve if he’s matched to a specific Republican).

  12. 22,

    because misheluni can’t see tge forest from the trees & they only see the social programs that pad their pockets. the problem is that social programs are like a drug, they leave you craving for more & more.

  13. Yeah I vote we get rid of HUD and WIC and food stamps it only leaves people wanting more and more. Then kiss half of Lakewood bye bye.

  14. Yeah but hatemongers salivate whenever they can twist any story or statistic or poll to show that Obama is hated. Just look at posts 2 and 3 and 15. Of course if any democrat did this when Nixon or Reagan or Bush 1 or Bush 2 were in an office he’d be labeled an unpatriotic leftist. It’s always funny how subjective people are. If you’re a republican then a democratic president always does the wrong thing. If you’re a democrat then a republican always does the wrong thing. It’d be nice if people would be objective and intellectually honest. A little bit in touch with reality. “Who’s being naive now?”