LITOELES HORABIM: Siferi Torah At Sloatsburg Rest Area Today


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misaskim.jpgWith thousands of people travelling to the Catskills every Thursday night, and stopping at the Sloatsburg Rest Area for Mincha & Maariv, an issue arose as what people should do this Thursday evening, when a Sefer Torah is needed for Mincha [due to the Taanis].

The solution came swiftly, with the help of the Misaskim Organization, who has graciously volunteered to bring three Sifrei Torah (which Boruch hahsem are not being used today in the homes of Aveilim) to the Rest Area located on the NYS Thruway.

A Misaskim spokesperson tells YWN that the Sifrei Torah will be available from approximately 4:30PM, until Maariv.

YWN reminds all our readers that due to the tremendous crowds and traffic caused by the Minyanim, the Thruway Authority no longer allows the street level parking area for davening. All minyanim now take place on the second level parking area which is level with the second floor restrooms. In the event of rain, minyanim will be allowed in the stairwell.

Everyone who will be participating in the Minyanim is urged to drive directly to the second floor – and not park on any grassy area – or your cars will be towed immediately from the tow truck which will be stationed at the rest area specifically to deal with this problem.

(YWN Sullivan County News Team – 2009)


  1. We are so fortunate that we live in such a country, but let’s not forget that we are in גלות and desperately need the גאולה.

  2. Should Torah’s be bounced around for our convenience or should we Yidden take a few minutes and go to Shul/Minyan factory with a Torah? Who is serving who?

    Have an easy T’zom.

  3. to numbers 4,5 and 6.
    You are moreh shchoireh, negative people!

    Boruch Hashem, we have many Yidden who adore Hashems Torah and davening for them is sooo important that they are even willing to daven out there. Some of these people unfortenatly cant even daven micha with a minyan daily and this helps them as well.

    A little dan likaf zechus will take you a loooong way.

    Yehofchu yomim elu …..