New Ad War in Brooklyn Focuses on Branding of Kosher Supermarkets


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gmm.jpgBrooklyn, NY – Kosher supermarkets are suddenly showing chefs in action and promoting recipes as opposed to the traditional catalogue-like list of discounts that is more common for the supermarket industry.

Pomegranate, which opened in Flatbush last August, promotes its store through full page color ads in Jewish weeklies that reach the major Jewish communities of New York. Each week the ads highlight a different part of the store, such as its meats, take-out, dips, cheeses, and produce.

Competitors like Glatt Mart and Landau’s have also taken to advertising that focuses more on branding than on discounted items. Industry sources say that Pomegranate’s approach has revolutionized the marketing programs of kosher retailers. They say that the ads are contributing to creating an image for the stores that go well beyond the traditional pricing attributes.

Pomegranate has also managed to attract a clientele from well beyond Flatbush, competing with such Boro Park gourmet stores like Landau’s and Manhattan’s upscale kosher outlets.

(Source: Kosher Today)


  1. These fancy stores are fine and dandy for the wealthy. But for people that have been hit by the recession they need kosher food at cheaper prices.

  2. I always questioned the wisdom of opening a supermarket like Pomegranate at the beginning of an economic downturn. Though personally I don’t shop there and tend to shop wherever I get a sale.

  3. The ads are nice to look at and help pay for the newspapers we read, but there is no way we can afford to go to such stores. In these times it’s tough trying to make it even though we only shop at Friedman’s, KRM and Moishes.

  4. Whatever happened to Klal Yisroel? Have we become a religion of GOURMET EATERS? Is this our reason of existence in this world? to have specially made dips at our tables?

  5. Whatch carfully as pomegranates prices S L O W L Y
    Climb north,u will be so used to this “style” of shopping,will be to late & to hard to stop. Watch out!!!!

  6. The proprietor of Pomegranate would never open such a store in Williamsburg because the community there would never tolerate it. He does a disservice to us Flatbush residents & beyond by offering “Cadillac” grocery shopping to all & thereby creating a need for such a grocery “experience” causing the prices of groceries to go up. Glatt Mart’s supposed need to copy Pomegranate is a huge mistake. They should have rather cut their prices to attract people away from Pom.

    This new business of the need for fancy stores such as liquor stores & bakeries placing their wares for sale on fancy wooden sforim shranks & now this has spread to our groceries, is a cancer in our society that will cause us much suffering down the line. May H-shem protect us.

  7. #7, AKA zamilenger. Why do you have a problem with jews making money through creative marketing? Whatever happened to Klal Yisroel? Have we become a religion of jews always criticizing our neighbors? is this our reason for existence in this world? Too complain everytime some jew has the chutzpah to try to sell something?
    get a life.

  8. Enough fressing conversation and actual fressing already! Some places may be kosher, but is the atmosphere of gluttony (and trying dips, shmips, etc.) kosher? This is getting ridiculous!!

  9. I love the Pomigranate. BTW, mbd the prices have been dropping. Their specialty items are priced more than I care to spend, but the regulare items are competively priced. They always said that their idea was to attract shoppers from out of the neighborhood. They were never in competition with Moishe’s or KRM.
    As for Jews buying gourmet items, well, I like to enhance my Shabbos table with delicious, different kinds of food. For me and my family, Shabbos is worth spending a little extra.

    As for raising the bar, THAT is as old as the hills. Look at todays yeshivos. One hs has it’s boys learing (for example) one blatt a week and the next thing you know, another says OUR boys learn one and A HALF. Isn’t that the same thing? All stores do that.

    If you don’t like the store, don’t shop there. I don’t understand the newness of this news item anyway.

  10. I find this really sad, but then I think: how can I expect other Jews to be big tzaddikim and refrain from all this gashmius like I want?

    I should just try to set a good example myself and go on with life…

  11. Avreich Man, I agree with you. That is the only way of doing things. You can’t change any one in the world except yourself. If each person only worked on themselves, the world would be different. The problem is that it is so much easier to tell someone else to change.