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PHOTOS: Massive Storm & Tornado Hits Toronto Area; ERUV IS OK – UPDATED!

tt.jpg[Click HERE for photos] UPDATE BELOW: Toronto, Canada – A massive storm cell ripped through the Greater Toronto Area, with multiple reports of tornado touch downs outside the city, resulting in at least one confirmed fatality in the town of Durham, Ontario. Early reports also indicate a tornado touching down near Vaughan Mills and cars having been flipped on highway 400 as well as tornadic activity in the city of Toronto itself, but these have yet to be confirmed as the storm continues to move eastward. Reports, photos and videos have also lit up on twitter throughout the evening.

As of 11:00AM Friday morning: As of now Eruv Toronto are assessing what action needs to be taken in order to determine the status of the Eruv, due to the severity of last nights storm. Their dedicated staff of volunteers and paid employees will give us updated information as they work through their strategy for today. It is imperative upon everyone to make certain they stay updated on the status of the Eruv for this Shabbos.

Eruv updates will be posted as soon as new information is available. You can call 416-350-2879 for the Eruv Hotline.

The Toronto Eruv Committee has just send YWN the following update:

We have heard back from our volunteers and I can confirm that the Eruv for Parshas Shoftim , August 22 is Kosher. We did not sustain any major damage whatsoever, but needed to check many areas of the Eruv, particularly in Thornhill, just in case last nights storm caused  damage to our wires or polls.

Thank you for your patience,
Good Shabbos.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)

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  1. It was a pretty intense storm in Richmond Hill, where I am right now. I was able to make the bracha on thunder, lightning and even the bracha on the most gorgeous rainbow after the storm. Time to do teshuva, folks.

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