PHOTOS: Harris, NY: National Weather Service Reviews Data On Possible Tornados


IMG_30641.jpg[Click HERE for photos] The National Weather Service in currently reviewing evidence to determine if the wind storms that tore through Harris and Bethel last Friday  were mini tornados.

Two officials spend Monday with Sullivan County Emergency Services Commissioner Richard Martinkovic gathering witness accounts, photos and assessing the damage firsthand.

“The preliminary investigation was pointing to the fact that there were two separate wind storms,” he said. “They are now trying to determine based upon the eyewitness testimony, damage and their computer imaging, whether, in fact, it was a small tornado that went through.”

The strong winds tore giant trees out of ground, snapped tree trunks and flung them on roofs and cars. To read about the miracle which was witnessed by the storm, click HERE.

(MidHudsonNews / YWN Sullivan County News Team – 2009)


  1. My friend goes to Victory Cottages. She said that someone saw the distictive funnel of a tornado. Also, not only were trees knocked down but there were uprooted trees that no one know where they came from.
    It was a true nes that no one was hurt. Someone from the non-Jewish trailer park down the road from Victory said to my friend’s husband “Your G*d really watches over you!”