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PHOTOS: David Yassky Campaigns in Boro Park: Promises to Continue Fighting for Yeshiva Parents!


[PHOTO LINK BELOW] David Yassky, candidate for New York City Comptroller, campaigned in the Boro Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, where he met with voters and discussed issues of importance to them and all New Yorkers on Wednesday evening in advance of this Tuesday’s important run-off election.

I am extremely excited to be here in Boro Park” said David Yassky.

“Ihave longstanding connections to this great neighborhood and itsresidents, and it was gratifying to spend this evening talking withcommunity members about issues of importance to them and all NewYorkers. I was also honored to have the chance to join my community inritual preparations before the Yom Kippur holiday.”

David Yassky began his evening at the monthly meeting of CommunityBoard 12 in Boro Park where he was greeted to raucous applause, he then went on to visit the famed Congregation Shomer Shabbos on 13th Avenue, followed by a visit to the main Shul of Bobov where he toured their enormous Sukkah before attending a campaign event at the home of former NYC Finance and Housing Commissioner Abraham Biderman in Boro Park.

Mr. Biderman invited two-dozen of the most influential Jewish leaders in New York City to discuss critical issues of concern to the Jewish community. While speaking on a variety of issues including the work that he would do as Comptroller to assist Mosdos in accessing government services, Councilman Yassky spent most of his time focused on the needs of parents who send their children to yeshivas.

Specifically, Councilman Yassky spoke about the possibility of providing all yeshiva children with free bus services. This would save many yeshiva parents an average of $1500 per child, per year. Councilman Yassky also spoke of his work in stopping the Department of Health from enacting regulations that would have effectively shut down yeshiva pre-schools (by creating onerous health requirements that would have tripled the cost of yeshiva pre-schools). Finally, he spoke of the need for the Jewish community to turn out and vote in this critical election. The Councilman noted that with the expectation of a historic low turn-out next week (predictions are that turnout will be around 5% of eligible voters) the Jewish community could easily determine the winner in this race by simply voting in this race.

Yeshiva World News readers are reminded that this special run-off election will take place from 6am – 9pm next Tuesday, September 29th and is open to all registered Democratic voters. This election will effectively determine the winner of two city-wide races. So, please remember to vote next Tuesday, September 29th.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos.

(Dov Gordon – YWN)

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