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Increase In NYPD Making False Statements

nyp1.jpgProsecutors and NYPD Internal Affairs probers have identified as many as two dozen cases in the past year in which cops allegedly made false statements involving routine arrests when the truth would have served them just as well.

That’s a significant increase over previous years, sources said.

“In the past, we’d find this happening once or twice a year, and now there are a bunch of them,” said one law-enforcement official.

What has the authorities particularly troubled is that officers historically have lied to cover up more serious corruption, such as the cadre of Brooklyn narcotics cops caught last year stealing drugs from dealers and masking their thievery by filing false reports about what they had seized.

But internal probers are now finding that officers appear willing to take insidious shortcuts and lie on arrest reports when they are processing even routine collars, such as grand larceny, burglaries and robberies, sources told The Post.

Their reasons could range from trying to cut down on paperwork to being lazy when filling out arrest and incident reports.

“It is not venal, but it involves the integrity of the system,” one official said.

Prosecutors have gotten tougher on cops caught making false statements in affidavits or arrest reports.

Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said the upturn in such cases stems from this increased vigilance by the NYPD and district attorneys.

(Source: NY Post)

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  1. Law Enforcement should have some sort of device similar to medical transcription, so they can speak what happened, according to a format, and then it is recoreded. Handwriting police reports has to be the worst part of the job and very time consuming.

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