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Prosecutor Makes Closing Aarguments In Rubashkin Case

srub.jpgThe following is an article from the WCF Courier:

In closing arguments this morning, government prosecutors said former Agriprocessors executive Sholom Rubashkin committed massive financial fraud then attempted to conceal his crimes.

Prosecutors said Rubashkin, as chief financial decisionmaker at the Northeast Iowa kosher meatpacking plant, played a key role in the fraud – creating fake invoices, diverting customer payments, lying to a bank about being in compliance of the law – and the coverup and money laundering.

Rubashkin allegedly committed these acts to inflate his company’s value so the bank would lend Agriprocessors millions of dollars it would otherwise not have been eligible for.

“This case is about control. Control of customers, control of money owed to cattle buyers, control of his employees and control over the bottom line,” said assistant U.S. attorney Peter Deegan.

Before closing arguments commenced, it took District Judge Linda Reade about 90 minutes to read all 91 financial fraud charges, which carry a maximum penalty of 1,280 years in prison. Charges include bank, mail and wire fraud, money laundering and failing to pay livestock providers in a timely manner.

Deegan reminded the jury of an old friend of Rubashkin’s who owns a business in New York. He said the testimony served as a clear-cut case of creating fake invoices, because Agriprocessors’ records indicate it sent meat to a store that was later revealed to only sell men’s clothing.

The judge explained the government has to prove Rubashkin knowingly committed fraud, but not the exact dollar amount.

To that end, Deegan reminded the jury of several witnesses who said Rubashkin regularly asked Darlis Hendry, a sales coordinator, to create false invoices.

Deegan said Rubashkin incriminated himself last week on the stand by admitting he visited Hendry about invoices. He dismissed Rubashkin’s explanation that the company controller, Toby Bensasson, told him to do it, and that he had no idea it was illegal or that the bank would care.

“It’s a child’s excuse: ‘I didn’t do anything wrong. Toby made me do it,'” Deegan said. “Even if Toby Bensasson is the mastermind and Rubashkin knows or helps, he’s still guilty.”

Deegan argued Rubahskin knowingly hired illegal immigrants at the plant because evidence, including e-mails and testimony, show Rubashkin knew about the problem for two years yet did nothing.

The government also alleges Rubashkin diverted money through several banks and the local kosher grocery store and Jewish schools to inflate sales and hide where money was coming from as he desperately tried to save the company from bankruptcy after a May 2008 immigration raid.

Closing arguments conclude this afternoon with the defense presenting its case.

(Source: WCF Courier)

9 Responses

  1. Rachmana listlan, he’s fighting a hard case. Those anti semites are looking to put him away, the only thing left to do is daven that this blood libel should end!!

  2. #1 STOP CLAIMING ANTI-SEMITISM! you just sound like a fool when you say this.

    BLOOD LIBEL? you should wash your mouth w/ soap. you have no idea what a blood libel was.

    Yes, I have rachmonus on this man, just like I have rachmonus on anyone who commits aveiros.

    But, please, don’t try to drag klal yisroel into this. The man is being judged for his own personal conduct; nothing else.

    Why are so many of us, frum yidn, obsessed with conspiracy theories and anti-semitism? Rabboisai, enough with naarishkeit!
    Start looking at the world as it is, not through your conspiracy-coated glasses.

  3. Yes, senselessness

    It is a terrible avairah to assume someone has done “aveiros” from newspaper and blog information. When you stop looking at the world through Motzi Shem Ra-coated glasses, perhaps you’ll learn about Who is the Judge and what He has instructed us about Dan L’kaf Zechus, and you’re own bloated sense of self won’t get in the way of your clarity.

  4. to #7 and #9.
    you are right, i shouldnt have assumed he has done “aveiros”. my other points remain valid and standing.
    this judgment has nothing to do w anti-semitism.

  5. #6: Only one side is right. Now whom would you side with: a G-d fearing Yiddisher man or PETA (and their ilk) who care more about animal rights than people? It’s your choice whom you want to believe. Many times the media is terribly slanted against us. I choose to believe the Rubashkin family who spent their lives doing chessed and giving tzedaka.

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