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Mumbai Terrorist Acted Jewish

mum.bmpAmerican citizen David Coleman Headly, 49, was taken into custody by American authorities last month in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport as an American citizen of Pakistani descent, he was heading to Philadelphia, planning to make his way to Pakistan. According to information released on Sunday, FBI agents believe he is linked to a planned attack in Denmark related to the Islamic community’s outrage regarding the release of offensive caricatures of the prophet Mohammad.

US officials report that Headly changed his name from Dawood Jilani and for a number of years, ran an immigration assistance center in Mumbai. The center officially offered assistance in obtaining visas for those wishing to travel to North America.

News agencies in India however released more startling news, that Headly is linked to last year’s attack in Mumbai, against the Chabad House, an attack that left over 170 people dead, including the Chabad shaliach, his rebbitzin and other visitors to the Chabad house.

According to reports quoting senior officials in the National Investigation Agency in India, a raid of numerous locals on Saturday by NIA agents in Mumbai revealed “incriminating evidence” tying Headly to the Pakistani Lashkar-e-Taiba terror organization.

It has been learned that Headly was a guest of the Taj Hotel, one of the targets in the massive terror attack and he also presented himself as a Jew at the Mumbai Chabad house at least four months prior to the fatal attack. He acted Jewish and remained on location as a guest of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg HY”D and his rebbitzin Rivki HY”D, learning inside information regarding the operation of the Chabad facility. FBI agents involved in the arrest reported he was carrying the book “To Pray as a Jew” in his bag.

The investigation continues in India and the United States.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

3 Responses

  1. Immediate death with over one thousand bullets would be too good for this rosha yemach sh’mo v’zichro!!!!!!

    HKBH should pay him back thousand fold, the sooner the better!

  2. Amein to #1’s comment.
    I can’t believe he actually spent time at the Chabad house where they most likely treated him like royalty as they did all their guests. What a sick person!!!!!!!

  3. When we read things like this and realize how easy it is to do stuff like this, and we’re aware of the thousands or millions that want to wipe us out; it is a Ness and total Hashgacha that they don’t get it done.

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