Prevent a Tuition Hike! Call Your Legislator Today!


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$.jpgNew York – Our friends at TEACH NYS, the only organization exclusively dedicated to solving the tuition crisis, are urging everyone to call the Albany office of their state legislator TODAY to demand that the proposed funding cuts to yeshiva education be proportional.

“Everybody knows that New York State is in dire fiscal straits. Consequently, there’s no question that billions have to be cut from the budget,” explained David G. Greenfield, Esq. Director & Counsel of TEACH NYS. “However, these cuts should be proportional. I attended last week’s emergency address by the Governor to the joint session of the legislature where he announced a 3% proposed cut for education. So why would he then propose a 10% cut for yeshivas? It’s simply not fair.” Greenfield stressed that the legislature is in session in Albany today and tomorrow and that these cuts could happen at any time, thus he urged everyone to call today.

The proposed cuts would cut millions of dollars from New York yeshivas in the middle of this fiscal year and would invariably lead to a tuition hike next year. Mr. Greenfield and his TEACH NYS team are in Albany today and will be there every day that the legislature is in emergency session. TEACH NYS is leading the fight to oppose these disproportionate cuts. To help them, please click below and type in your address to find your legislator. After your search, you’ll get a listing of your elected officials. Simply click on the name of each state official to get their number in Albany. That number will always start with a (518) area code.

Here’s what you should tell your Assemblymember AND Senator: “I live in your district. I’m calling to ask the legislator to please stop the disproportionate cuts to private schools. The Governor’s proposal would cut funding to private schools by 10% and cut public schools by only 3%. It’s simply not fair.” That fifteen second message from you to your elected representative in Albany could save you hundreds of dollars on next year’s yeshiva tuition.

Click here to find your elected officials:

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. 1. There is no relationship whatsoever to funds received by the Mosdos and the tuition that we are charged. Therefore your caption “Prevent a Tuition Hike” has no basis.

    2. Who is this self made new representative of our community Mr.David Greenfeld? Lately wherever we turn he is explaining to us what we should do, and what is best for us. Yes! he is a lawyer, but no one set him up to represent us. He set himself up.

    “Forcing” all of us to go vote. Yeshivos giving out tsetlach, that children who’s parents did not vote will be punished. Voting is a Right. Not something to be forced. If atleast we would see some results favorable to the community, maybe there would be justification. Two of the most important community leaders (Rebbe and Rosh Yeshiva), refused, despite severe pressure, this election to allow politicians to visit them. They said, Mir huben gurnisht fin dem, zai vilen dus nohr far dee bilder. (we have nothing from them, they are doing it only for photo ops)

    We wont save one penny on tuition, with these calls.

  2. Follow what has been happening in England to see why yeshivos should not want direct funding from the government (unless you want the likes of David Paterson or Barack Obama to be your rebbe). Better to increase class size and increase teaching load than to let government funds corrupt the yeshivos.

  3. 1. Who is David Greenfeld. Who made him our representative of the community.
    2. Regardless how much money the Mosed receives, it never translates in a tuition reduction.
    3. That why one Rosh Yeshiva and One Rebbe, both of the largest Kehillos in Boro Park refused to see politician this year. They said we have nothing from them.

    Please sto the “we will save hundreds of dollars in tuition.

  4. “Who is David Greenfeld. Who made him our representative of the community.”

    This is the problem with Klal Yisroel!

    “Reb Feivel”, lose the “Reb”.

    WHAT have YOU done on behalf of Klal Yisroel today besides type a nasty comment?

    Does it cost you even ONE PENNY for David Greenfield to be in Albany and try and get tuition breaks?!?!

    ONE PENNY??????? ONE?????

    Since when does someone need to be appointed to try and help Jews?

    You are nothing more than a jelous person sitting at a desk munching on a bag of bbq chips, washing it down with a coke, and blogging with your sticky, greasy fat fingers.

    Get a life.

    And no, I have no idea who David Greenfield is. All I know is that he works for klall yisroel, does not look for kavod, does not ask for money and has not done anything wrong.

  5. Joe, we need to go easy on “Reb Feivel.” Instead of attacking him we need to educate him that David Greenfield Esq. besides for hosting Q & A here every Thursday, is a frequent guest on shows like Nachum Segal and Zev Brenner. His work is absolutely “Tzibur” oriented. We don’t need to jump on “Reb Feivel” so quickly, labeling him a Kofui Tov.

  6. Isn’t it incredible how anonymous people who do NOTHING always criticize our community’s askanim? David Greenfield has been the only one working for this community on the tuition crisis and he doesn’t even get paid to do that and you have the chutzpah to criticize him for HELPING our community? Shame on you Feivel.

  7. “Reb” Feivel – All that David Greenfield is asking is that we get involved so that we are represented in government.
    How could you find fault with that?
    Whether a Rebbe or Rosh Yeshiva is willing to be used in a photo op does not have any bearing on the need to get out and vote.
    Without anything to be gained personally from this, he has put his heart and soul into tackling this important issue, so just say thank you!

  8. If we want schools that teach Torah, we have to pay for it ourselves. If we can’t afford it, the only alternatives (other than home schooling), are to lower the teachers pay, increase the teachers workload (for example, teach a 9-1 class, and then a 2-7 class,which many do as it is), or to increase the size of the class.

    Of course, we could use the public schools. Many frum Jews did that 100 years ago (and a few of their grandchildren became Baalei Tseuvah, and we won’t discuss the rest of their descendants).

  9. “A group of 50 American Jews arrived in Israel, Sunday, November 15, for a highly-original four-day tour of Judea, Samaria and eastern Yerushalayim. Their main message, intended for the White House, is: Jews have the right to live in all areas of Israel.”

    Why is Dov Hikind leading this “tour” when important legislation is being discussed in albany? Where are his priorities? Can he be recalled?

  10. charliehall – I’m all for spending cuts but did you ever think about cutting in other areas? How about getting rid of NY government workers?

    “While the private sector has shed 6.9 million jobs since the beginning of the recession, state and local governments have expanded their payrolls and added 110,000 jobs”

    You’ll see when it comes to giving raises to the various unions they’re magically going to find the money.