Bloomberg Vetoes Grace-Period For parking


bloe.jpgMayor Michael Bloomberg has vetoed a bill that would have given drivers a five-minute grace period in certain parking zones in the city.

The bill, which was passed by the City Council last month by a vote of 47-2, would have given drivers an extra five minutes past the expired time on Muni-Meters and alternate-side parking.

The City Council may decide to override the mayor’s veto.

The mayor has called the legislation irresponsible and unnecessary.


Issuing New Yorkers a parking violation just two or three minutes past the time when alternate side parking goes into effect or a muni-meter stub runs out is simply unfair. These parking rules are not in place for the purpose of generating revenue. They are in place to promote compliance and that is why creating a 5 minute grace period for drivers to move their vehicles is a fair and appropriate action to take. At tomorrow’s Stated Council meeting we will accept the Mayor’s veto of this bill and expect that the vast majority of Council Members will vote to override this veto at the next Stated Council meeting on December 21st.

While I am one of the Mayor’s biggest fans I respectfully disagree with this veto. This legislation is about common sense and decency and its passage will help change the ticketing culture of New York City. There is no reason why 300,000 tickets a year are issued within the first five minutes of alternate side parking regulations going into effect. In fact, until recently it was actually the informal policy of the City to give drivers a five minute grace period. I am grateful for Speaker Quinn’s leadership on this issue and I am confident we have the votes in the City Council to override this veto.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. Go for it, Simcha! He has shown us that he doesn’t care about us – perhaps revenge for not reelecting him by an overwhelming margin! His first order was to increase our proprty tax! We can’t raise taxes to help us with our shortfall! How dare he, in the face of the current financial crisis, do that! And do it so quickly after the election! He has stated clearly, when he visited the Hamodia office how little he cares about us! When the ticket issue came up, his callous response was, “Well the city needs the money!” Disgrace is the only word that describes his attitude! I hope the council overrides his veto if not just to snub him! Doesn’t he know how nasty the ticket writers have become? Oy Gevalt! Theses are going to be a long four years! As he said after the election, “You ain’t seen nuthin yet!”
    Well Mr. Blooooomberg, there is an Aibershter in charge of this world! You WILL fall!

  2. Thank you to everyone in the frum communities who supported Bloomberg in his reelection campaign that way he can continue to steal money from the middle class. Next time you get a ticket while unloading your car or putting your kid in the stroller you have yourself to thank.

    A billionaire doesn’t understand, or care, about the problems that the “commoners” deal with and this is a shining example of that.

  3. Bloomberg, has not shown any compassion when it comes to these Traffic Officers (used to be known as Brownies). They stand on corners waiting for the light to change so they can write a ticket and scan your windshield while you are trying to
    get to the other side on a yellow turning red light. If you feel yo umay not get across the street totally on a busy street corner it is best to wait as more than likely there are these officers waiting in hiding to write you a ticket.
    Also if you want tobe a nice citizen and put a quarter into a meter for someone they do not let you and they write a parking ticket anyway even if the meter has some more time on it. They are vultures and Bloomberg loves it. He should have never been allowed another term . For if the term limits would have been the same when Guilliani was Mayor we would have had him longer also and he was a much better Mayor than Mr Bloomberg.
    I just hope we survive the next 4 years with him , as he has raised the real estate tax and the water tax and who knows what is next…