NYC To Recieve $200 Million From Homeland Security


cctv.jpgFederal officials handed New York City a nice, healthy pot of homeland security cash today, but also added to competition for that money in the future by adding three urban areas to the list of most-threatened locales.

Out of about $2.5 billion being spread around the country to fight terrorism, the New York metro area is slated to get some $200 million, including $151,579,096 from the high-risk money pool. The state is getting another $130 million, a lot of which will also go to the city.

Added to the list are the metro areas around Dallas, Philadelphia, Newark, and Boston, while Seattle has been dropped.

A breakdown of most of the funding is:

State Homeland Security Program $113,536,625

Urban Areas Security Initiative (New York City and Long Island) $151,579,096

Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program Allocations (NYC) $6,300,000

Port Security Grant Program Target Allocations (New York-New Jersey) $33,774,108

Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program Allocations (NYC) $3,570,000

Emergency Management Performance Grant Program Allocations $14,972,047

(Source: NY Daily News)