Porush Comes Out in Neeman’s Defense


porush.jpgDeputy Minister of Education has come out openly in defense of Justice Minister Prof. Yaakov Neeman, who in an address before a forum of dayanim stated Torah Law provides all the solutions to problems that we face today, and it is superior to the civil law that governs the country today.

Porush stated that Torah was given to us at Sinai, and it was the way our fathers, and we must oppose all those who are trying to undermine the authority of the rabbinical courts, those who question their right to exist. He made a direct reference to recent statements from Prof. Aaron Barak, a former President of the Supreme Court, who commented on the “chutzpa” of the situation, that the religious courts control all matters of marriage and divorce. He stated it was absolutely forbidden to permit this from continuing.

Porush stated that these “outrages” statements and “dozens of anti-religious court rulings that preceded his statement” are all geared and compromising the minimal Jewish character that still remains in the state, and chas v’sholom to lead us to total assimilation.

R’ Porush stated that regarding matters of marriage and divorce, the state placed the exclusive authority in the hands of the Chief Rabbinate, but the Supreme Court nevertheless has decided to become the self-appointed constitutional court empowered to change this reality.

He added that even that which our people have achieved in the Diaspora, autonomous judicial rule, in some cases penal law and in some cases only monetary and personal matters, but here, the opponents of halacha are seeking to challenge it all.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. As David HaMelech proclaimed in Tehilim, and we repeat every morning in Tfilas Shacharis:

    “Magid DeVarav LeYaakov, Chukav UMishpatav LeYisrael. Lo Assa Chein LeChal Goy UMishpatim Bal Yedaaum…”

    Yasher Kochachem, Prof. Yaakov Neeman LOY”T and Rav Meir Porush LOY”T.

  2. Just imagine how many dayunim and talmidei chachumim would have had parnasa had this been the case. I think it would be a beautiful thing to enforce.