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Hikind Wants Racial Profiling To Combat Terror

hikind2.jpgNYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind is seeking drastic measures to combat terror, resurrecting a measure he’s tried to introduce before: ethnic profiling – a bill that would make ethnic profiling an acceptable, legal tool for catching terrorists.

“This is the time we need to do the kind of things that we would not do under ordinary circumstances,” Hikind said. “It is to use ethnicity as one, and it’s very clear, as one of the many different things that law enforcement can use.”

Hikind proposed the same thing in 2005 and it never even got to the Assembly floor. In the wake of Friday’s terror scare ,he thinks it could become the law of New York State and eventually the nation.

“Let law enforcement do what it feels is necessary without tying their hands,” Hikind said.

Hikind says he plans to reintroduce the profiling bill when the legislative session reconvenes in Albany in January.

Some advocates of ethnic and racial profiling say it is being used in Israel and reportedly on El-Al Airlines and seems to be effective.

(Source: CBS2 HD)


18 Responses

  1. The good Assemblyman should do his research before proposing provocative bills.

    Racial/ethnic profiling would not have caught Richard Reid (the shoe bomber), nor will it catch the dozens of Americans of non-middle-eastern descent who are currently training in terrorist camps around the world.

    The Israelis pegged Reid well before he pulled off his caper. He first wanted to bomb an El Al flight, but – through the use of BEHAVIORAL profiling (not racial profiling) – the El Al screeners figured him out. I have the transcript of their pre-flight interview with him, and it makes fascinating reading. Because of behavioral profiling, Reid decided that El Al was too hard and went after an American airline.

  2. And what does a terrorist look like?

    I’m just as dead if I’m killed by someone who is Aryan looking (blond, blue eyed, wearing standard Euro-American clothes-perhaps a bit immodest if female), as if I’m killed by someone who looks like they have some connection to the middle east (a bit tanned, dark hair, dressed a bit unusual for a westerner and very modest if female).

    The terrorist problem for the US is one of Muslims, and they come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Profiling might work in Israel since they are dealing only with Palestinians, but when the issues is approached globally, it becomes problematic. Let’s face, it isn’t hard for someone of middle eastern origin to “pass” as western.

    And by the way, any profile for Muslim will end up covering most Jews.

  3. hikind is trying to act like he’s back in the jdl / kahana days.

    what he forgot to realize is that many terrorists look just like any regular American.

    just two examples:

    Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bomber)
    the dc sniper – looked like a regular African American.

    i think hikind looks like a radical right-winged kahana guy, and last i checked THEY were on the terrorist watch list.

  4. akuperma, the profiling works in Israel because they are profiling for ALL MUSLIMS because the terrorists in Israel are not just Palestinians but Lebanese, Syrians, Saudis, etc. But, of course, you don’t know as much as you think. And they should do racial profiling and it is about time we started talking about it.

    shazam, the same people who scream racism about racial profiling also object to behaviorial profiling claiming that behaviorial profiling is only a code word for racial profiling.

  5. Flatbush Bubby: That’s because the screamers haven’t done their research.

    Thankfully, the FBI and TSA are beginning to understand the difference. Personnel from both are currently undergoing behavioral profile training (many of them in Israel or in the US by Israelis), and some US airports are already doing it quite successfully.

  6. On the mark as usual, DOV.
    It will take lots of guts for the US to finally see that every terror act has begun with Muslim individuals–when they do profiling will begin.

  7. I admit that it would make things easier. but looking at the big picture if racial profiling gets passed for this. Then it opens the door for racial profiling to get passed for other things.And once that doors open who knows how far it can go.Chas V’shalom for it to be used against us ever.

  8. for all those who are against this…who is more likely (based on recent events) to be a terrorist…an arab? or an old bubbe ?

  9. #2 pretty funny you should say that, because El Al just declared that their security is done using racial profiling.

    Visit Marketwatch and search for “How Israel Screens for Terrorists”.

  10. Although I usually agree with Mr. Hikind, in this case I must respectfully disagree. Such racial profiling could backfire on us. Innocent people who happen to be Moslems who find themselves repeatedly stopped and searched, and who until now have not become involved, could easily feel farshemmed. They may start listening more to radio stations like Al-Jazeera, and may feel pushed to join our enemies, when otherwise they would not have done so. This cure could be worse than the disease . . .

  11. of course there are American Muslims but its much easier for the police if they can check the Arabs 1st and then check the others that fall under suspicion

  12. Aint never gonna happen. The USA of today is way to P.C. to ever allow this to happen, unfortunately. The ACLU would have a field day.

  13. rmorr, let them be stopped and searched. I dont care if the TSA shoves something so far up their body cavity that they could see out their mouth. It bothers me not a single bit as long as I could fly on the plane and know that derech ha’teva we did all we could. Maybe the muslims yemach sh’mom v’zichrom of this country should come out AGAINST these terrorists instead of always losing their tongues, it may help them. If they dont like it here, they are free to get the g’henim out of my country!

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