The Never-Ending Saga of the War Against Schechita in Europe Continues on the Web


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schec.jpgLondon – It used to be that the battle against animal rights extremists were fought in each country, but since the founding of the European Union (EU), the battle has shifted to the EU. The organization that represents the kosher practice of slaughtering animals has lodged a complaint against a European Commission project that claims to facilitate the adoption of good religious slaughter practices. Schechita UK is accusing DIALREL, a project funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Health and Consumers, of defaming the practice of schechita online. DIALREL aims to promote dialogue between faiths but Schechita UK chairman Henry Grunwald OBE QC said it has refused to remove defamatory information on a website affiliated with the project.

The website description says: “Schechita: Animals are slaughtered without stunning. Before slaughter, all cattle are restrained and mechanically turned on their back and all poultry shackled.” Schechita UK insists that the DIALREL project has an “anti-schechita” agenda and said it would be calling on the European Union to ensure that the project is not abusing government funding “to promote its own agenda by purporting to present academic research”. Grunwald said: “This matter has tainted DIALREL and Schechita UK can have no confidence in what is supposed to be an academic study.

In June 2009 the EU passed a law that safeguarded schechita by recognizing the validity of religious slaughter practices.

(Source: KosherToday)


  1. First of all, if the YWEditor could post another shechita video I would appreciate it. I love watching shechita. I think it is fascinating!

    Second, the S.E.I.U. used P.E.T.A. to wage a war against Rubashkin because they refused to unionized. Rachmona Litzlan!

  2. The last time europe tried to abolish shehita they were immediately stricken with mad cow disease. Don’t they realize that their practice of stunning the cows is more painful to the animals then ten shehitas. As far as shackling is concerned animals are shackled and held down for medicinal shots, branding, dentistry and various other reasons,without argument. Besides this inconvenience to the animal it is no way comparable to the pain of being electrically shocked just ask someone who got hit with a taser and survived. Their shallow minds simply cannot distinguish between no pain and not reacting to intense pain due to paralysis. Let’s face it they just can’t take the fact that we were given holy commandments from the Creator it disturbs them to no end.

  3. What do animal rights “extremists” have to do with banning schechita? If anything, they go straight to advocating vegetarianism, altogether. It’s not as if the animal were slaughtered to their liking, they would cease their message of going vegan. Additionally, they would not single out one method of slaughter. If anything, such “extremists” are on record for ensuring schechita was done properly, and in some cases they have made slaughter houses correct shabby practices. This article is about the EU. No need to display ignorance about animal rights “extremists”.

  4. The animal rights extremists want to ban any use of animals for any reason.

    But they will settle at any one time for restrictions on such use, such as restrictions on how meat is shechted.
    Once they get some restrictions, they will then agitate for even more restrictions.
    Then further, still more restrictions.

    At some point many years later they will finally have so many restrictions that no one may ever eat any meat under any circumstances.

    This method of getting their way is called incrementalism, and liberals have been using this method for very many years, going back as far as the early 1900’s.

    These AR extremists also support all new “health” restrictions such as bans of transfats and now the Dictator Mayor for life, wants to ban salt.
    But first he will restrict it then restrict it more and finally ban it altogether, just like he did with transfats.

    These AR’s are very shrewed and are growing in power and in how violent they are willing to get.