UPDATED: Jewish Woman Rescued Via Gaza Smuggling Tunnel by Yad L’Achim


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gat.jpgIn another amazing feat by Yad L’Achim, an organization whose volunteers continue to display mesirus nefesh on behalf of Am Yisrael, a Jewish woman was smuggled from Egypt to Hamas-controlled Gaza on Tuesday afternoon via a smuggling tunnel from Rafiach, with the rescuer and victim making their way to Erez Crossing, into the hands of Israeli authorities.

The woman was taken to a police facility, questioned at length, and then released to Yad L’Achim custody, and is holed up in a hidden location.

According to a Ladaat.net report, breaking the story, the story is a familiar one, about a Jewish woman who married an Arab, living in Egypt. Her life was one of abuse until she could no longer endure; contacting her sister in Israel, who in turn contacted Yad L’Achim.

Yad L’Achim officials, who are no strangers to dangerous missions, realized the unique complexities of this case, entering Egypt and then Gaza, and hired the services of ‘specialists’ for this mission. The remaining details remain classified for the protection of all involved as well as future rescue missions.

UPDATED INFORMATION: During her marriage to the Arab man, the Israeli woman, 27, who comes from Ashdod, gave birth to four children, the youngest being about a year old. In the rescue operation, the children were smuggled out of Egypt with their mother and they are all in a Yad L’Achim safe house, in the first stages of building their new Jewish lives.

In a dramatic detail of the rescue, the woman left with her children when her husband left the home, taking a taxi to a destination to begin her escape. Her husband phoned her in the cab and threatened to kill her if she leaves, but Baruch Hashem, she remained strong and today, is somewhere in Israel in the safe hands of Yad L’Achim officials.

She was taken to Sderot police for questioning after crossing the border but police agreed to wait until today, Wednesday, to speak to her due to the condition of one of her children.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I attended one of Yad L’ Achim donation gatherings where they showed in detail what goes on with these women in “custody”, how the Arab men lure them to begin with, and unfortunately, how a small percentage of women return to the life of abuse after they are rescued. What shocked me the most was a story about 2 seminar girls who were being lured in Bnei Brak at a construction site by an arab man. It was Friday at noonish when Yad L’Achim got the call. Their offices were right around the corner from the construction site. The menahelet was the last in the office and got the call. She immediately closed the office and rushed over to the site. She stood by and watched the girls having a “jolly” conversation with the arab construction worker. They stopped the conversation when they noticed her watching (they thought she may have been with the mishmeret Hatzniut watching them). The menahelet catches up with them and starts a conversation saying who she is, who Yad L’Achim is, and what these arab men do after they “get you”. after the girls got comfortable with the menahelet and trusted her, she asked them how did this all start. How do seminar girls start talking to arab men?

    they explained that it has been about 7 months that these conversations have been going on. it started when routinely they walked by this construction site twice a day – back and forth to the seminar. The arab starts with shalom and naturally, they don’t answer and continue walking. repeatedly, this happens every day/ 6 days a week. After a month, the arab says shalom, ma shlomech? and says in a very nice voice “למה את לא עונה לי , חמודה” (which means – why don’t you answer me, cutie?). They finally answer “shalom” and continue walking. Then, slowly one day, they added another word, another day they added a giggle, another day a friendly gesture until it turned into a full conversation, R’L. The menahelet explained to them in detail what would happen to them if they continued, H’Yirachem.

    Even with our own innocent girls, we must be aware. We are regular tormim of Yad L’Achim – they do such unbelievable avodat Hakodesh – SH’ KOYACH GADOL TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Was she dressed as a hamas terrorist? Cmon, women do exist you know? If men can’t deal with a picture of a women’s face, there is something seriously wrong with their morality.

  3. To softwords in comment #1.

    Once rescued these women become known anyway to the Arabs since I’m sure the husband will tell the Egyptian authorities and anyone else who will listen, so I think that once it is out in the open, the fact that the women have been rescued in no longer a secret.

    I might think they did not need to reveal that the women used the smuggling tunnels, but if they went to an Arab police station in Gaza then
    they probably know the rescuers and their rescued, woman and children, used the tunnels as well.

    This story and others should be taught as part of the cirruclum in the yeshivahs so that all young women and girls can be warned about how they are tricked into these horrible abusive marriages.

  4. I also attended a Yad L’achim event where a woman that was rescued spoke. She said many of the girls that get “trapped” are ones that come from very poor or broken families. The arab men charm the girls by promising money and a better life. Teenagers want security, someone to care for them and love them, and those that are lacking it will follow the ones that can give it to them.

    She says that is how she got into such a marriage and she went into detail about what a nightmare it was!

    Yad L’achim literally saved her nefesh and guf.

  5. #8 Anonymous – I meant that they shouldn’t have revealed how the smuggled her out. The fact that she was smuggled out was obviously something that would be come known.

    When they say, “The woman was taken to a police facility…” I believe they meant an Israeli facility, not an Arab. Otherwise, why would they let her go? Wouldn’t they send her back?

  6. #8 Anonymous – Guess what! The cat’s out of the bag! Another website has posted her name, age, where she’s from, and the names and ages of all 4 of her children! Wonderful!!!! 🙁

    BTW – according to that website she was questioned by Israeli border patrol, not Arab police officers.

  7. According to how the story is related (in length) on kikarhashabat, she wasn’t smuggled through the tunnels at all. Her husband, worried that she would escape from Egypt, took her to his family’s home in the Gaza strip. Whilst her husband was in prison for drug smuggling, she made contact, through her sister, with Yad le’Achim, and they arranged that her escape should take place several days before her husband would be released. The threatening phonecall was from her husband’s brother. She convinced the Arab border control that her ill father was waiting at the Israeli side, and Yad leachim had arranged that at the Israeli side they were aware of her arrival.
    Whichever way it happened, it deserves a great Hallel Vehodo’oh.