Exclusive: Hikind Backs Lazar at Lander Event (PHOTOS)


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[PHOTO LINK BELOW] The race to fill Councilman Simcha Felder’s council seat is heating up. Just last night, at the inaugural event for Hikind-backed Councilman Brad Lander, Assemblyman Dov Hikind backed Joe Lazar for City Council. Sources say that despite Hikind’s best efforts to force Judge Noach Dear into the race for City Council, Judge Dear is reluctant to give up his prestigious judgeship for what many view as a messy council race.

Previously, Hikind has stated that all of Boro Park would be united against David Greenfield, the Director & Counsel of TEACH NYS, and leading contender for City Council. Crains News explained this morning that Hikind’s opposition to Greenfield is because Greenfield “irked Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver by urging Silver’s constituents to demand a tax credit for parochial school parents.”

Apparently, Hikinds plan to unite Boro Park against Greenfield has failed. Sources say that at last night’s event several Boro Park leaders pledged their support to Greenfield. Also, there is still talk of a possible chasidic candidate in the form of either lobbyist Ezra Friedlander or cell-phone store owner Pinny Ringel. Finally, according to Crains, local Boro-Parker Moishe Oiring is said to be mulling a campaign that would be funded by his parents.

Keep your browser set to The Yeshiva World News for all the latest on this exciting race for city council. The special election is anticipated to be on Tuesday, March 23rd.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click on the following link to see photos taken by Hillel Engel for YWN: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/photos.php?albumid=5426975646379436305

(Dov Gordon – YWN)


  1. Unfortunately, Dov Hikind is no longer the Dov Hikind “of old”. In recent months, he has lent his name to causes and candidates that are not necessarily in the Frum community’s best interests. Although Shelly Siver is personally frum, he publicly espouses causes in the general Democratic Party political interest and not “ours”. Whether Shelly Silver is “irked” should not be our concern. There is a danger, caused by splintering off support, of losing the only real “frum” seat. The frum community should not yet take sides. Ultimately, it is our best interests to throw support to one candidate to insure a voice for the community in the City Council.

  2. Joe Lazar is a nice guy, & maybe a viable good candidate. But, that’s not the issue here. The issue is about Hikind’s hatred for Greenfield.
    Hikind acts like a mafia boss & uses his own bias to endorse candidates. David Greenfield has been a very active advocate for the heimishe oilom, & has proven himself to be strong leader. The only reason Hikind is endorsing Lazar, is because he knows Greenfield (who used to be Hikind chief of staff) will not be his puppet. (he didn’t endorse felder for the same reason) It’s about time for Hikind to go home & play big dady with his family, instead of playing big dady with the whole community. The early take, seems that the oilom is starting to see through Hikind’s motives, & Grennfield will win big time.
    Dov thanks for all your you have done, go home & play with your grand children. A good player knows when it’s time to retire.

  3. If it is true that Hikind is against Greenfield becuase Greenfield irked someone by asking for a bill that would have helped Hikind’s consituents than Boro Park has a very big problem. Their religious assemblyman is not working for their best interest. Boro Parkers unite we must field a candidate to unseat Dov Hikind. How about Ezra Friedlander?

  4. that hikind acts like a “mafia boss” is unfortunately an “alte ma’aseh” which didn’t start recently. When Dear ran in the old days he always pushed and supported whoever he could get against him. now he tried to use dear against greenfield. time to get hikind out and greenfield in!!!

  5. The article mentioned 5 or 6 frum candidates for this seat. If the frum vote gets splintered we will end up with a city councilman named jose batista representing us in the city council.