Gov Crist Responds To Emails About Grossman – 30 Minutes Before Execution


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5:30PM EST: Thousands of people have been emailing Florida Governor Crist about Martin Grossman for the past week. A response has just been emailed out by the Governor – just 30 minutes before the scheduled execution. YWN has received hundreds of emails from readers who have just received the response posted below:

Thank you for contacting me and sharing your concerns about the execution of Martin Grossman.

On December 13, 1984, Mr. Grossman violated the terms of his probation by leaving Pasco County and having a stolen firearm in his possession. In a routine stop, Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer Margaret Park found the weapon.  When she reached for the radio in her patrol car to report him, Mr. Grossman attacked her with her own large flashlight, beating her over the head and shoulders 20 to 30 times. When Officer Park tried to fight back, Mr. Grossman took her .357 Magnum revolver and shot her in the back of the head, killing her.

Mr. Grossman took several carefully planned steps to cover up this horrible crime. The weapon was buried, and Mr. Grossman attempted to burn his clothes and shoes, which were later disposed of in a nearby lake. The following day, Mr. Grossman thoroughly cleaned the van and changed its tires to mislead law enforcement.

Officer Park’s autopsy revealed lacerations on top of her head, hemorrhaging inside the scalp and extensive fracturing of the skull.  All of these injuries resulted from Mr. Grossman’s attack. The facts of this crime clearly meet the definition of heinous, atrocious and cruel, and his actions afterward demonstrate his well-reasoned attempts to cover it up.

The courts have fully reviewed Mr. Grossman’s legal claims, and his conviction and sentence have been affirmed by both the Florida Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. Based on the facts and exhaustion of legal proceedings, and in accordance with Florida law, I signed his death warrant on January 12, 2010.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. 

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Governor Charlie Crist <[email protected]>
To: Governor Charlie Crist <[email protected]>
Sent: Tue, February 16, 2010 5:12:12 PM
Subject: A Message from Governor Charlie Crist regarding Martin Grossman

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. He didn’t write to me. But this is very disheartening. How will he sleep tonight, knowing he killed a man? Can anything else can be done to stop this?

  2. I received that response as well. It gave me the feeling that this was preplanned, and that perhaps this governor is a ruthless individual with his own agenda.

  3. אפילו חרב חדה מונחת על צווארו של אדם אל תתיאש מן הישועה.
    All we can do now is davven. HaShem can do ANYTHING!
    Michoel Yechiel ben Miriam Sarah

  4. He didn’t address the facts 1) was 19 at the time 2) went through a traumatizing childhood experience, including growing up and taking care of his sick father 3) Abandoned by his mother 4) lost his family including his father at a young age 5) was on heavy drugs and alcohol 6) Psychological evaluation report clearly states he has brain damage and many psychological illnesses 7) Under competent with an IQ of 77 8) didn’t plan the killing so why is it 1st degree ? 9) The officer first shot

    I’m very disappointed with the governor’s stubbornness and his lack to show any compassion towards Grossman. I mean how he could go wrong by granting 11 hours of clemency. What about the thousands of people that put effort and are highly against giving him death. There are more than 30,000 petitions on care I was told over 10,000 calls were received today by the governor’s office. One of googles top searches today was Martin Grossman. A person like this isn’t capable of being entrusted with decisions that affect many lives. I mean what would he have to lose by keeping him in Jail; crime would definitely not go up. On the other hand he has disappointed millions of people. He seems to be cruel and definitely not voting for him as senate.

  5. I also received the same response and it looks as if there is no intention to change anything.
    Ein lanu al mi lehishaen eila al avinu shebashamayim

  6. I hope this governor has no plans of attempting to climb any higher on the political ladder. This is the world of the internet. Nothing will be forgotten. He has earned himself a name. Not that he wouldn’t change his mind, just that he wouldn’t even speak to people about it.

  7. He is not a Jew and he doesn’t have Daas Torah to advise him. Keeping these two facts in mind, why is his reasoning flawed? What would you do if John Doe did the same thing and killed a Police officer and you didnt have Gedolim to advise you?

  8. Incredible. Gov Crist is the cold-blooded murderer here. He has no heart.

    You’re so right Aryeh… Those facts CLEARLY needed to be taken into account, and they weren’t.

  9. I got the email, as well, and it’s heartbreaking. However, I do not believe that the governor is ruthless or with an agenda. If you can step back and look at it objectively you may be able to understand that perhaps he believes in the death penalty for the benifit of mankind – do deter crime. You may argue that it does not deter,(I personally am not sure) but if he does believe so, it does not make him a bad or ruthless person. May Hashem have rachmonus on Michoel Yechiel ben Miriam Sarah.

  10. As a registered republican in the state of Florida, I am going to everything in my power to make sure that Crist is never elected to office agian! The only premeditated murder here is the one by the governor!

  11. I hope that all those who pleaded with the Governor to have mercy on Mr. Grossman, yet approve of the death penalty for others, will rethink their position on this important issue.

  12. Worst to happen, those moments really. After the global diplomatic efforts, having involved the vice pope, after political figures have become worlds, after members of Chabad strained as never struggled to a stranger, after zapped the whole system in the U.S., after meetings with senators, after Henry’s activity ” D. Grossman, Chief Rabbis of Israel, virtually all Orthodox Judaism all the different levels of Chabad Chasidic primarily trying to cancel the decree for governor of Florida along with Alan Dershowitz, the renowned lawyer,

    After all these – the worst to happen. Martin – Michael Grossman should, according to the plan, saying the order of confession, read the Shema, for throwing a deadly poison – and soul out of one.

    Site anxious rooms, covered all the way through the affair, Martin Grossman, a Jewish answer, before 26 years, while under the influence of seizure would deprive him of judgment, did something terrible.

    But in subsequent years, he reformed and became kosher Jew, observant. He kept a kosher home as much as possible prison terms, on laying tefillin.

    No one day is done. There were 26 hard years in the life of Martin Grossman. Only by Rabbi Shalom Ber Lipsker XYZ organization along with the famous politico Hhbd”i Rabbi Menachem Mendel Katz Miami Florida, Martin could return to Judaism.

    Boys ‘innocent’ Chabad began to visit him permanently, giving him tefillin, to recognize his Judaism, arrangement, a little Yiddishkeit. Slowly approached religion, but with this trial, grew longer during the 26th year, began to end.

    Martin became a penitent Jew, who kept a little serious, and all anguish and remorse to no end. But the Federal Court decided that an injection of poison shall be executed that night.

    Execution thing hit the Jewish world in shock. Everyone tried to get the senses. 6 days ago we held an interview with Rabbi Shalom Ber Lipsker, accompanying this difference, all the while hoping that maybe a miracle will happen, and at last cutting Ttbtl.

    Moments following, unless a miracle happens over naturally, comes the sad ending and Martin Grossman shall throwing deadly poison in a saw.

    • us on the phone line, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Katz, the only person only ray of light was almost Martin Grossman in this world. Rabbi Katz talking to us after he left his cell of Grossman, the value of the confessional with him, an hour before the awful death.

    • very difficult for you to talk. I spoke with you throughout the day, until at 12 you told us “I close the phone. I go, I can not answer. I’ll be away only 5”. I do not know if I can tell you, tell us, that’s not easy for you to talk.

    But anyway, you were with Martin Grossman. You’re the only person close to him. You told him the confession, laying tefillin with him. How he feels, tell us?

    Rabbi Katz: “He’s a very strong person, who has a lot of faith and security, and loves his Judaism. He loves God and walks with a message to God, take all the Jews from exile and bring the messiah. He saw how he brought the all Jews together, all departments and all religious and nonreligious countries, Lithuanians followers, all together, and he sees a big thing here. He knows it’s bigger than he, and very, very strong. He laid Tefillin for an hour and a half “.

    • Before your touch traumatic visit to the prison today, I’d like to ask you how did your relationship is created with Martin Grossman?

    “I work in an organization XYZ for 15 years. Visits to prisons, I met him, and when you meet someone that had the death penalty you know you should be more in touch with a person like other people, and give him more things and more letters, because he has a larger penalty, he needs more approximation.

    • How long ago was your first meeting?

    “Five – ten years”.

    • For those 15 years, how he coped with all this trial? Chazal say that “torture law more difficult by the verdict.” How a person 26 years awaiting the death sentence lasts?

    “It’s really something special. That any person sitting so much time in jail, and he sits in isolation, solitary confinement, for 25 years, this is normal and has a sense, it’s really a miracle. But man is not crazy and he should be very strong man. ”

    • over 15 years you were with him about, he believed punishable Iihrtz like that? What was he thinking all the time?

    “All the time he had hope that something good will come out in court. He was always optimistic, but he knew there might not be. But he had hope.”

    • Why did the trial lasted for 26 years?

    “I do not know”.

    • When in fact he was getting Tum”tz Jew?

    “Every time he did things, put on tefillin, etc.. He was so serious that as now a month ago, when he began to pray a lot more to say Tehillim. But all the time he was a Jew hard. He had much pleasure from talking about Judaism and tell on holidays, and wanted everybody to know he was Jewish. A month ago he started to pray every day, and say Tehillim every day. ”

    • when in fact reached the final verdict?

    “At the same time. It’s not a sentence, that the head of state signed the day for sentencing.

    • You Chabad emissary who works in the organization A, which should enter the cell of the Jews in 26 years in prison. In minutes he’s gone. How do you take the strength of mind and these forces to face the people and strengthen them. Where is it?

    “I really do not know where that is. I’ve never thought I’d do something like that. Until I came there not knowing what exactly is and what exactly tell him, the forces are God, thanks to Herbie probably. I work in the Rebbe’s mission may therefore forces.

    • As an organization representing XYZ, you have cooperation and dialogue with prison leaders? Know you?

    “We are doing this for 30 years, so everyone knows us and work with us. There are more workers and not notes but know us.

    • What level of the prison where he was Martin Grossman?

    “Prison resided there now is the worst”.

    • Did you sleep at night?

    “I do not have a month old.

    • Do you think it could be that you did all you have to do to save the soul? We realized that until the last minute, all intervened and tried. What was the last day you would spirit him to try to save or at least delay the verdict?

    “Call everyone can talk to the governor, touched people all day, and we did all we can do. That’s what we did. We talked with everyone that the governor did not do it, but in the end it did not happen”.

    • Tell us about the visit. What time comes, When did you leave, how long it took, and talked to him?

    “I went in 12, went on -3.45. We put on tefillin, we confess, we said Tehillim, we talked about it as martyrs, the love of Israel, the message was hard and very strong.”

    • He cried?

    He did not cry, but his eyes had tears all the time.

    • How to sit with a person in a cell when he crowned tefillin, confession and says to you, and you know that time is behind it?

    “I hope no one sees it even once in a lifetime”.

  13. Original Hebrew text – used Google Translate:

    From this link:
    הנורא מכל הולך לקרות, ברגעים אלו ממש. אחרי מאמצים דיפלומטיים חובקי עולם, לאחר שעירבו את סגן האפיפיור, אחרי שאישים פוליטיים הפכו עולמות, אחרי שאנשי חב”ד התאמצו כפי שמעולם לא התאמצו לאיש זר, אחרי שתיזזו את כל המערכת בארה”ב, אחרי פגישות עם סנאטורים, אחרי פעילות של הגרי”ד גרוסמן, הרבנים הראשיים לישראל, ולמעשה כל היהדות החרדית כולה לגווניה השונים ובראשם חסידות חב”ד שניסו לבטל את רוע הגזירה אצל מושל פלורידה יחד עם אלן דרשוביץ, הפרקליט הנודע,

    אחרי כל אלו- הנורא מכול הולך לקרות. מרטין-מיכאל גרוסמן אמור, על פי התוכנית, לומר את סדר הווידוי, לקרוא שמע ישראל, לקבל זריקת רעל קטלנית – ונשמתו תצא באחד.

    אתר ‘בחדרי חרדים’ סיקר לכל אורך הדרך את פרשיית מרטין גרוסמן, היהודי בעל התשובה, שלפני 26 שנה, בשעה של התקף תחת השפעה ששללה ממנו את כושר השיפוט, עשה מעשה נורא.

    אלא שבשנים שלאחר מכן הוא חזר בתשובה, והפך ליהודי כשר, שומר תורה ומצוות. הוא הקפיד על כשרות עד כמה שניתן בתנאי הכלא, על הנחת תפילין.

    לא ביום אחד זה נעשה. קשים היו 26 השנים האחרונות בחייו של מרטין גרוסמן. רק בזכות הרב שלום בער ליפסקר מארגון אל”ף ועמו העסקן הנודע החבד”י ר’ מנחם מנדל כץ ממיאמי בפלורידה, הצליח מרטין לשוב ליהדות.

    בחורים ‘תמימים’ מחב”ד התחילו לבקר אצלו באורח קבע, לתת לו תפילין, להכיר לו יהדות, סידור, קצת יידישקייט. לאט לאט התקרב לדת, אבל יחד עם זה, משפטו, שהלך והתארך במשך 26 שנה, התחיל להגיע לקיצו.

    מרטין הפך ליהודי בעל תשובה, שמקפיד על קלה כחמורה, וכל כולו ייסורים וחרטה עד אין קץ. אבל בית המשפט הפדראלי החליט שהוא יומת בזריקת רעל ויוצא להורג, בלילה הזה.

    דבר ההוצאה להורג הכה את היהדות בעולם בהלם. כולם ניסו להיחלץ חושים. לפני 6 ימים בלבד קיימנו ראיון עם ר’ שלום בער ליפסקר, שליווה את הפרשיה הזאת, וקיווה כל העת שאולי יקרה נס, וברגע האחרון הגזירה תתבטל.

    ברגעים הבאים, אם לא יקרה נס שמעל לדרך הטבע, יבוא הסוף העצוב ומרטין גרוסמן יומת בזריקת רעל קטלנית בבית הסור.

    • איתנו על קו הטלפון הרב מנחם מנדל כץ, האיש היחידי וקרן האור היחידה כמעט שהייתה למרטין גרוסמן בעולם הזה. הרב כץ משוחח עימנו לאחר שיצא מתאו של גרוסמן, ערך עימו ווידוי, שעה לפני המוות הנורא.

    • קשה לך מאוד לדבר. דיברתי איתך במהלך כל היום, עד שבשעה 12 אמרת לנו “אני סוגר את הטלפון. אני נכנס, לא אוכל לענות. אני אצא משם רק ב-5”. אני לא יודע אם אני יכול להגיד לך ‘ספר לנו’, כי לא קל לך לדבר.

    אבל בכל אופן, היית אצל מרטין גרוסמן. אתה האיש היחיד הקרוב אליו. אמרת איתו ווידוי, הנחת איתו תפילין. איך הוא מרגיש, ספר לנו?

    הרב כץ: “הוא בן אדם חזק מאוד, שיש לו הרבה מאוד אמונה ובטחון, ואוהב את היהדות שלו. הוא אוהב את הקב”ה והולך עם מסר לקב”ה, שייקח את כל היהודים מהגלות ולהביא את המשיח. הוא ראה איך הוא הביא את כל היהודים ביחד, מכל החוגים ומכל המדינות הדתיים ולא דתיים, ליטאים חסידים, כולם ביחד, והוא רואה דבר גדול פה. הוא יודע שזה יותר גדול ממנו, והוא מאד מאד חזק. הוא הניח תפילין במשך שעה וחצי”.

    • לפני שניגע בביקור הטראומתי שלך היום בכלא, הייתי רוצה לשאול אותך איך בכלל נוצר הקשר שלך עם מרטין גרוסמן?

    “אני עובד בארגון אל”ף כבר 15 שנה. בביקורים בבתי הסוהר אני פגשתי אותו, וכשאתה פוגש מישהו שיש עליו עונש מוות אתה מבין שאתה צריך להיות יותר בקשר עם בן אדם כזה מאנשים אחרים, ולתת לו יותר דברים ויותר מכתבים, כי יש לו עונש יותר גדול, הוא צריך יותר קירוב”.

    • לפני כמה זמן היתה הפגישה הראשונה שלכם?

    “חמש-עשרה שנה”.

    • במשך 15 השנים האלו, איך הוא התמודד עם כל המשפט הזה? חז”ל אומרים “עינוי הדין קשה יותר מגזר הדין”. איך בן אדם שמחכה 26 שנה לגזר דין מות מחזיק מעמד?

    “זה באמת משהו מיוחד. כי בכלל שאדם יושב כ”כ הרבה זמן בבית סוהר, והוא יושב בבידוד, בצינוק, במשך 25 שנה, זה שהוא נורמלי ויש לו שכל, זה ממש נס. אבל הבן אדם לא משוגע והוא צריך להיות בן אדם חזק מאוד”.

    • לאורך 15 השנים שהיית איתו בקשר הוא האמין שדינו ייחרץ ככה? מה הוא חשב כל הזמן?

    “כל הזמן היתה לו תקוה שמשהו ייצא טוב בבית המשפט. הוא היה כל הזמן אופטימי, אבל הוא ידע שיש סיכוי שלא יהיה. אבל היתה לו תקווה”.

    • ולמה באמת נמשך משפטו במשך 26 שנה?

    “אני לא יודע”.

    • מתי למעשה הוא התחיל להיות יהודי שומר תומ”צ?

    “כל הזמן הוא עשה דברים, הניח תפילין, וכו’. הוא לא היה כ”כ רציני בזה כמו עכשיו לפני חודש, כשהתחיל להתפלל הרבה יותר ולומר תהילים. אבל כל הזמן הוא היה יהודי חזק. היה לו הרבה נחת מלדבר על היהדות ולספר על החגים, ורצה שכולם יידעו שהוא יהודי. לפני חודש הוא התחיל להתפלל כל יום, ולהגיד תהילים כל היום”.

    • ומתי למעשה הגיע גזר הדין הסופי?

    “באותו זמן. זה לא גזר דין, זה ראש המדינה שחתם על יום לקיום גזר הדין”.

    • אתה שליח חב”ד שעובד בארגון אל”ף, שאמור להכנס לתא של יהודי שנמצא 26 שנה בכלא. בעוד דקות הוא איננו. איך אתה לוקח את תעצומות הנפש ואת הכוחות האלה לעמוד מול האנשים ולחזק אותם. מאיפה זה?

    “אני באמת לא יודע מאיפה זה. אני בחיים שלי לא חשבתי שאעשה דבר כזה. עד שבאתי לשם לא ידעתי מה בדיוק יהיה ומה בדיוק אגיד לו, הכוחות הם מהקב”ה, ובזכות הרבי כנראה. אני עובד בשליחות של הרבי ומכאן אולי הכוחות”.

    • בתור המייצג של ארגון אל”ף, יש לכם שיתוף פעולה והידברות מול ראשי הכלא? מכירים בכם?

    “אנחנו עושים את זה כבר 30 שנה, אז כולם מכירים אותנו ועובדים איתנו. יש עובדים יותר ויש שלא כ”כ, אבל מכירים אותנו.

    • מהי דרגת בית הכלא בה שהה מרטין גרוסמן?

    “הכלא ששהה שם עכשיו הוא הכי גרוע”.

    • ישנת בלילה?

    “כבר חודש שאני לא ישן”.

    • אתה חושב שיכול להיות שלא עשית כל מה שצריך לעשות כדי להציל את הנפש? הבנו שעד הרגע האחרון, כולם התערבו והשתדלו. מה היה ביום האחרון שאתה היית הרוח החיה בו בכדי לנסות להציל או לעכב לפחות את גזר הדין?

    “צלצלו לכל אחד ואחד שיכול לדבר עם המושל, כל יום שיגעו אנשים, ועשינו כל מה שאנחנו יכולים לעשות. זה מה שעשינו. דיברנו עם כולם שהמושל לא יעשה את זה, אבל בסוף זה לא קרה”.

    • ספר לנו על הביקור. באיזו שעה נכנסת, מתי יצאת, כמה זמן זה ארך, ומה דיברת איתו?

    “נכנסתי ב-12, יצאתי ב-3.45. הנחנו תפילין, אמרנו וידוי, אמרנו תהילים, דיברנו על הענין על קידוש השם, על אהבת ישראל, על המסר שהיה קשה והיה חזק מאוד”.

    • הוא בכה?

    הוא לא בכה, אבל היה בעיניים שלו כל הזמן דמעות”.

    • איך זה לשבת עם בן אדם בתוך תא כשהוא עטור בתפילין, ואומר איתך וידוי, ואתה יודע שעוד שעה הוא מאחורי זה?

    “אני מקוה שאף אחד לא יראה את זה אף פעם בחיים”.

  14. As much as I didn’t want this execution to go on, the email did address his ‘implied’ IQ. If he had an IQ of 77, he would not have been competent enough to plan his cover up. Also, if someone hit a person 30 times over the head with a flashlight & only then shot that person- that is called premeditated. I am very against the death penalty & am glad it is illegal in my state. Hashem should have rachmanus on him. He has certainly paid his dues.

  15. Yidden:

    Let’s not forget that we are now in Chodesh Adar. Although this appears to be very tragic on the face, let’s not lose our emunah. Hopefully, this is one of the last (if not the last) tragedy that needs to occur before the arrival of Moshiach Ztidkeinu – B’KOROV!!

    Having said that however, I want to also express my total DISMAY with Governor Crist’s complete refusal to meet with any of the Jewish groups who requested of him to sit down with them, ostensibly to explain his reasoning in this case.

    I believe this shows real AZUS PANIM on the Governor’s part! He seemingly had some unknown agenda in suddenly ordering this execution, some two years after Michoel Yechiel (Martin) Grossman’s A’H last appeal! It is truly a sad way to start off the month in which we need to increase simcha.

    Finally, I feel that an investigation should be launched into determining whether the Governor’s actions were proper. Perhaps Floridians should contact their congressional representatives regarding this matter.

  16. Rabbosai, we do the best that we can do in this case: we are mispallel and plead with the Ribbono Shel Olam to save this person. IY”H HKB”H will be matzil this person. Then, starting tomorrow, we put every single one of our kochos into getting the death penalty banned throughout the United States.

  17. To Nathan 21:
    I may only be one voter, but it that is how movements start. That’s what grass roots are all about. I may only be one vote, but I promise you it won’t be the only one that Crist lost today.

  18. Boruch Dayan Ho’emmes
    He is now in a better world.
    #1, you wonder how Gov Crist will sleep tonight?
    In the three years that this gentleman (wrong word really!) has been in office he has already managed to execute 5 people!

  19. This is just another reminder we are in Galus and if its not the entire Goy Kadosh that is hunted like in Shushan of Persia – its in America today for an individual soul in Florida.

    This man has a very big place in Gan Eden and a righteous soul. I hope he faced his neis like R’Akiva. May this be a kapara for all of Klal Israel.

  20. Yes it was apparent that the Gov. made up his mind way in advance. The email that (I too received) confirmed my belief. Remember his aides answer is mail and take the calls. He never had to disturb his thoughts and equilibrium with our plea’s.
    Yes I admire a strong leader and someone who takes human life seriously. BUT he used the wrong “felon” as an example. I AM SURE there were truly many vicious murderers & criminals he could have condemned first! Martin did not have to be his proving ground! He should have been more judicious.
    I too find something very wrong with the very inner nature of the Govenor for making THIS decision in THIS case!
    May we never need his help!
    What is Martin’s name and Father’s name? Hashem should only have Ruchmonos on his Neshama and on all of us living of Kllal Yisroel. Mishnayos should be arranged for him!

    May we be yet Zocheh to see a far more auspicious Adar and Besuros Toves!

  21. You spammed the governor and other state officials with emails filled with lies and distortions. What did you expect him to do? Ignore the actual facts of the case, procedural history, and the law?

  22. Now that comments will not save his life can I say something without it getting deleted?

    What about Dina D’ Malchusa Dina?

    That too is something Torah says.

    And exactly who are the Gedolim who said that he must Al Pi Halacha be spared?

    Did all Gedolim agree on this?

    Now that it’s done, will my comments still be deleted?

  23. 32- How is Rav Malkiel Kotler, Rav Yeruchil Olson, Rav Dovid Schustal, Rav Yisroel Neuman all 4 roshei yeshiva shlita of Lakewood who wrote a letter urging everyone to call the governors office?

    How about the Mashgiach, Rav Mattisyahu Solomon?

    How about Rav Elya Ber Wachtfoge, the Rosh Yeshiva of Philly?

    How about Rav Chaim Epstein, the Rosh Yeshiva of Zichron Melech, who by the way NEVER EVER signs his name onto anything and almost never gets involved in anything?

    Is that enough, Mr “hereorthere”?

  24. I just sent this email to the governor:

    With all due respect to the office of Governor,

    Although the information you quote may or may not be as accurate as you provide, the fact is that the “boy” at the time was not in his right mind, neither at the time of the crime nor any immediate time thereafter. He was a product of a dysfunctional home, a dysfunctional individual on self-medicating drugs to numb his own pain. He did not commit a pre-meditated crime although he did commit a horrific crime. He did not have the intention that night to go out and hurt someone although that was the result of his going out that evening. Kids on drugs do not think clearly and their reactions to fear and confrontation is not to back down quietly and submit, quite the opposite. Listing the details of the attack does not change the facts which you did not list in reference to the current victim which is Martin himself.

    No one asked for his release. No one asked for his pardon. No one asked that he be forgiven or excused. However, we all asked, including the Pope himself, that he be understood or at least his circumstances be understood, and he be allowed to live imprisoned and confined for the rest of his life. Prison is not a vacation and it is not a resort as we all know. So life in prison is quite a punishment. Having no freedom, no privacy and very little privilege other than what you earn on your own from your own appropriate behaviors, is an appropriate penalty for taking the life of another individual and that is why most states abolished the death penalty.

    It was in your hands whether or not to allow this man to be killed and you played G-d. But you are not G-d, you are a human being. No excuse me, that is giving you too much credit. YOU are a politician who cares more about staying in office and pleasing your future supporters. But what you forgot to take into account is that many of your constituents are Jewish and Catholic. They will not forget that the Pope got involved and asked you for clemency. They will also not forget just how many people begged for mercy for this individual who was not a premeditated murderer but a rehabilitated prisoner.

    Governor Crist, I just want you to remember when you do lose the election that YOU are not in charge, G-D is. People do make mistakes in their lifetime and this might have been the biggest mistake you will have made in your entire career. I know that Mr. Grossman will rest in peace from now on, but how will you knowing that you put this man to death?

    With sincere regret,

    A very disappointed individual.

  25. No Mr ‘Lark Mevin’ that is not enough.
    So you may have found a few who wanted this murderer to stay alive but if that is all you can come up with, then apparantly most Gedolim were not so against this execution.

    Your ability to come up with less then a handful of Gedolim , proves my point.

    Did you put up your post, on a Lark?

  26. Now I will donate money to everyone’s campaign who is running against the Governor of Flordia and I urge everyone else to do the same.

    If you kill one of our own, you will lose our votes, and you will lose our money – in fact we will give money to your opponent.

  27. In my eyes, the Governor who killed to enhance his political carrier, did a far worse crime, then someone killing to stop someone from locking him up in prison.
    history is full of people who killed to grab power, so its not a new phenomenon, it just the modern way of doing it

  28. Governors constantly get pleas from the Pope and numerous organizations and individuals asking that a murderer be spared the death penalty. Are you saying that every Governor who ignores those pleas is an Achzor? Or is he only an Achzor because Grossman was Jewish. Should Crist have made a decision in his favor just because he was a Jew?

  29. i believe according to the florida justice sysytem he was sentanced fairly he was a murderer not a victim i understand the inclanation of feelings of sympathy for the death of a fellow jew but it would be nice for commenters to express their sympathies for another innocent human being who was murdered without reason, bessed is the true judge may his neshamah have an aliyah and may klal yisroel learn from this horrible experience and understand he wasnt killed because he was a jew it was because he commited murder and people its not anti semitism ITS THE LAW

  30. I think we should continue to send emails to the Gov. To let him know our disappointment in the way he handled the whole affair by not even grant a meeting to the askonim and in his response to all the email didn’t address the mental health issues that Mr.Grossman had that could have been verified by many mental health experts in the field.

  31. There are no words to describe our feelings towards Charlie Crist. Just to promote his own political career he allowed the execution of Martin. In all irony Charlie – this is the begining of the end of your career. You’ve shown us all your true colors – cold and uncaring, not willing to even hear the other side out. WE WILL NOT FORGET, THE VOTERS WILL NOT FORGET!

  32. There’s an old Yiddish expression about not praying for a new king …

    Meanwhile, those who want to continue what our people have done for thousands of years: = a Tefila for Jonathan Pollard & Soldiers

    (it really should be updated, since the first 2 names are of those who are no longer in this world, and the list deserves to have added to it the 3 boys in Japan).

    Some shuls say it on Mevorchim Shabbos, others weekly, and others, alas, not at all (or just when Yizkor is said).

    To repeat: Daven.

  33. No, governor – democrat or republican would have granted clemency or a stay based on the facts and procedural history of this case. So, support any candidate that you want. It makes no difference.

  34. I agree with Aryeh (#6). I too received the notorious email from the Gov at 5:30pm on Feb 16. I find the following therein quite disturbing. His wording seems to be designed to mislead you to think as if it was Martin Grossman (A”H) who later buried the revolver. THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE AT (Find it googling “State of Florida Martin Grossman”)STATES OTHERWISE ! IT STATES THAT IT WAS HANCOCK AND TAYLOR WHO BURIED THE REVOLVER AND NOT MARTIN ! The Gov’s email also does not tell you WHAT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE ALSO STATES, that Martin (A”H)only wrestled the revolver from Park AFTER she drew her revolver and had fired a shot, AND had knocked Taylor out by having kicked him in the groin. These details are important and make a difference (in addition to the many other issues which a world of people wrote to him and could have been proven but the Gov ignores in his premeditated “last minute” email!)Add to this why he wouldn’t even agree to meet reps of the dozens of organizations, as well as it seems didn’t even bother reading his Psych report which at least convinces any fairminded person THAT MARTIN (A”H) DID NOT BELONG ON DEATH ROW AND IN TODAYS TECHNOLOGY COULD HAVE BEEN PROVEN. Nobody asked for his release, just life imprisonment withot parole. All this seemingly points that the Gov may have had some ulterior motive or motives other thn just THE TRUTH THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!

  35. Further to #46. In addition, contrary to the Gov’s assertion that Grossman beat Park 20 to 30 times, the official website only mentions “repeatedly beaten on head and shoulders while Taylor beat her up”. The site also does not specify that the flashlight was “large”. I understand there were anyway no witnesses other than Taylor who had much to gain by whatever he testified. Furthermore, it’s really hard to believe that the Gov’s assertions are accurate. How after “20 to 30” blows on the head with a “large” flashlight, the officer was able to talk on the radio “I’m hit”, draw her gun, fire a shot, and disable Taylor by kicking him in the groin. With all respects to the Gov., accuracy and the correct details and yes, if confirmed by 2 independent witnesses, (absent in this case) are important enough to make the whole difference!!! By the way, the sadly ignored Neuropsychological Report for Martin Grossman A”H, which speaks for itself, can be found at