Eretz Yisrael: Hand Shmura Matzah Alert


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In a raid that took place on Monday, March 22nd, involving police and Chief Rabbinate Kashrut Enforcement Unit officials, a relatively large quantity of hand shmura matzot were found in a facility in the Be’er Tuvia industrial zone. Some of the matzot were packed and others yet unpacked. The packaging states the matzah are under the supervision of Kiryat Arba Chief Rabbi Dov Lior Shlita, Be’er Tuvia Chief Rabbi Yitzchak Ambrabi Shlita, Badatz Yoreh Deah and Badatz Beit Yosef.

A probe revealed that Eyal Azoulai, Levi Matuf and Hayani Nuhurai did not receive kosher certification from any of the above-mentioned kashrut agencies this year.

There are serious concerns that used regular non-Pesach flour was used; that th flour was not sifted to filter out insects; challah was not separated; the machines were not cleaned as required; and the matzot are pat (pas) akum (non-Jewish bread) in addition to being outright chametz.

These matzot have already been distributed around the country, in some cases being sold too inexpensively [and this alone should be cause for suspicion]. In other cases however, they are being sold to assist non-profit and Torah organizations [unaware of the reality of the matzot].

It is incumbent upon people in communities to print and circulate this warning and to place it in shuls and elsewhere to warn the general public.

In an effort not to confuse the general public and to besmirch the honest vendors, we have decided to publicize the fraudulent matzot only. Please understand this alert applies only to these specific matzot found in the Be’er Tuvia facility.

For a photo of the matzah in question and the original Chief Rabbinate of Israel document, follow the following link. 

(Yechiel Spira – Jerusalem Kosher News –


  1. BSD

    It is such a “shanda” – a shame. Why do we worry about our enemies from abroad? when we have our own people looking to destroy us in the name of a few sh’kalim. They do not realize that their actions are terrorist — others come into The Land to destroy us, Gd Forbid, but these guys want to destroy us from within. They do more damage, as it always hurts more when someone you know attacks. Jews, please Jews, stop hurting your fellow Jews.

  2. The entire world, including the charedi and orthodox world have found a new god. The god of money. They will worship it anyway they can. Let’s face it, the entire hechsher system worships this same god, so why get upset at a few guys who abuse it a bit more?
    Do you have any idea what goes on in restaurants with a hechsher?? The better the hechsher, the filthier the kitchen is the usual.
    And of course, this permeates the non-observant Jews as well, not to speak of the non-Jews.
    Be prepared for our punishment. A total financial worldwide collapse where paper money will mean nothing, and real assets will be worth almost nothing. Mida keneged mida, that’s the way it usually works.

  3. PESACH is kept by tradition my FATHER A’H did not use these fringe ‘hechserim’ especialy NOT ON PESACH we try to save on kashrus and we need to eat EVERYTHING even on PESACH thats the result “the hole is the ganaf not the mouse” May we be ZOYCHE to a KUSHEREN FRIELICHE PESACH