YWN EXCLUSIVE: Ask Councilman Greenfield! [AUDIO SHOW]


This Week: What’s the First Thing You’re Going To Do In The City Council? Plus: Why Negative Campaigning Doesn’t Work!


Every Thursday – exclusively on Yeshiva World – you can ask Councilman David G. Greenfield any political question you have! It’s simple, ask your political question in the comments section and listen each week for your answer. Our editors will select the top three questions each week for a response.


David is one of the top political strategists and analysts in New York State and was recently elected in a landslide as the New York City Councilman from the 44th district in Brooklyn.

David is also an experienced attorney and a renowned community askan who is the founding director of TEACH NYS.

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  1. David: first of all Mazel Tov on winning the election! My tefilos worked!
    1. What do you predict the outcome will be in November for Dov Hikind’s seat?
    2. Why did major Jewish organizations (Such as the OU & Agudah) not support you, even though you were the right candidate for the seat? Are you going to continue giving them government funding, or no?

  2. As an attorney I am sure you are aware of the crisis in our community in regard to child molestation and abuse and the community’s unfortunate tradition of burying their hands in the sand or covering up.

    How do you plan to advocate for ALL children to make both school and home a safe and healthy environment?

    Moderators Response: This link might help answer your question: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/article.php?p=52166

  3. Congratulations Councilman Greenfield;

    What will you do to make sure the people keep as much of their hard earned money as possible?

    I hope you will not be one of those who wants to
    get more benefits from the government under the false premise of helping the taxpayers.

    For every dollar taxpayers get in “benefits” they have to pay several dollars in taxes to cover the salaries of bloated elected officials in Washington and in Albany (and for New Yorkers, a bunch of severly overpaid Unionists and officials like the bosses in the Transit Authority) and for all pork that is added on, to every bill that gets passed.

    I do not want to pay ever increasing taxes, just so someone (not usually me, anyway) can get back a fraction of that and are supposed to be so greatful for it.

    It’s like how organized crime demands “protection money” from businesses and then sometimes acts friendsly and the local crime boss gives the business person a few dollars “to help him out”.

    Don’t steal his money in the first place.

    What will you do Councilman Greenfield, to stop and reverse this corruption that is disguised as “helping us out”?

  4. I am writing concerning garbage collection before yom tov.
    This year Rosh Hashanah comes out the week of Labor Day.
    There was no collection on Monday which was Labor Day and
    on Tuesday the other side of the block had their garbage
    collected during the night. My side of the street was
    never collected. It is now erev Yom Tov and my side of
    the street is overflowing with uncollected, unsightly,
    smelly garbage. Why can’t the sanitation department plan
    on extra collections such as the ones on Erev Pesach?
    Do we have to go into Yom Tov with the streets looking
    like this? I was also told that the “men in sanitation”
    were saying that “we” bring our garbage from upstate and
    dispose of it here. I consider that an anti-semetic
    remark. Can you picture someone driving from upstate with
    a car full of garbage? What nonsense. Is there anything
    that can be done about the situation? Thank you

  5. My husband got a ticket for double parking two days after the blizzard. Are they crazy??? There weren’t any legal parking spaces in Boro Park until Friday at least??

  6. Hi David,

    I’m sure you maybe thought of this before, but I dont understand why Garbage pick up times are not the same time as street cleaning. When the garbage truck comes, the truck blocks the whole block and its very very hard to back out the whole block. Last week I got stuck behind a garbage truck for 50 minutes! I can understand that street cleaning from one side to other is on back to back days but if it means that we should change that, then so be it! There should be no reason why garbage pick up cannot be the same time as street cleaning. Enough is enough!