Sharpton Radio Show Turns Into Justice Clarence Thomas Bash-Fest


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[AUDIO CLIP BELOW] With a potentially-bruising battle over a vacant US Supreme Court seat ahead, Democrats have decided to play offense, attacking conservative members in order to shift attention away from their own far-left agenda.

Whether this will actually succeed is difficult to determine at this early stage of the game, but some of party’s fellow-travellers have eagerly signed-on to participate.

Here, listen as Obama confidant and infamous huckster Al Sharpton’s radio show turns into a Clarence Thomas bash-fest, featuring regular guest Dr Boyce Watkins kicking off the festivities.

DR BOYCE WATKINS (GUEST, AL SHARPTON SHOW): Another thought, going even deeper I think in terms of race in my opinion there is not a black man on the Supreme Court. You know hey I am going to get a lot of flak for saying that. Ha ha ha ha. We need a black person on the Supreme Court, why not a black woman?

SHARPTON: A lot of us would like to see blacks [nominated for the US Supreme Court opening], but a lot of us also are reminded that we got a black from George Bush Sr named Clarence Thomas and a lot of us would rather not, I’d rather have someone else who would vote, in my opinion who would vote in line with upholding human rights and civil rights and woman’s rights and prisoner rights then to have someone like Mr Thomas, Justice Thomas, who I think has consistently voted against all of that and has been one of the most inflexible members of the white right voting black in terms of not only the court, but in terms of his own public expressions.

WATKINS: But it is absolutely true. I mean when you talk about Clarence Thomas, you know he’s such an atrocious appointment for the black community that even his wife is a very vocal Tea Party member you know which is to some extent it undermines his integrity as a judge to have a spouse who is so politically active.

YWN AUDIO LINK: Click HERE to listen to the audio clip.

(Source: Radio Equalizer Blog)


  1. what a bunch of lower than low low life. If you don’t aree with there leftist agenda he is call a white flunky. Clarence Thomas is a high class man and sharpton and his friend can’t measure up to his shoe strings. Sharpton is just a muck raker.
    May we not hear from him ever again

  2. amazing that after tawana brawley, the korean boycott and crown heights, the mainstream media continues to give this mamzer a platform.